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Laura Knetzger is a storyboard artist and writer. She started her work on the Adventure Time episode, "Do No Harm." She returned to the series to help storyboard for Adventure Time: Distant Lands.

Much of Laura’s storyboard work can be found on her website. Outside of the show, one of her most notable works is her novel, "Bug Boys," which is a story that follows two big friends who learn about friendship and the science of the world around them.

Episodes worked on

Written and Storyboarded by

  • "Do No Harm" (with Emily Partridge)
  • "Winter Light" (with Steve Wolfhard)
  • "Abstract" (with Graham Falk)
  • "BMO" (with Hanna K. Nyström, Iggy Craig, Anna Syvertsson, and Adam Muto)

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