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Molto Larvo is a creature that attacked the Glass Kingdom a long time ago. Marceline and Princess Bubblegum fought against him, saving the Glass People from ruin. He served as the main antagonist of the Distant Lands Episode "Obsidian".


In his Dragon form, Larvo is a large Yunnan lake newt-like creature with two pairs of yellow eyes on each side of his head, and small, sharp teeth. He has small red scutes running down his body. Larvo has a very short tail, and has pairs of small protrusions on most parts of his body; a pair between his eyes and nostrils, three pairs on the sides of his body, and one pair on each leg. He also has a white rock, with three dots on it, placed on his forehead which he used to cover up the scar that he gained when he was younger.

In his younger form, Larvo was a small mutant tadpole-like creature with four eyes and a pair of small arms.

In his enhanced form, Larvo gains irregular crystalline spikes, armor, and claws on his body that are made from crystallized root beer, and are fuchsia in color. He has three large spikes on his back, four spikes and four claws on his front right leg which made the leg bigger and thicker than the other three legs, and an irregular V-shaped armor on his head.

In his true form, Larvo turns from a dragon into a winged cat-like creature. He is dark cyan green at the back and white at the front of his body. He has pale-green membranous-like wings that starts from his arms, and goes all the way down his body. Larvo now has only two black eyes with a small pink nose. He has horn like ears, and diamond-shaped scutes on his back and at the front of his shoulders; with seven on his back that reaches his shoulders, and a pair of overlapping scutes on the front of his shoulders. He also has a small short tail.


Early life[]

Larvo's younger self was a mutant tadpole-like sea creature who was the sole survivor out of all of his siblings when a sea predator attacked them, Larvo barely escaped the monster's sharp teeth and gained a scar on his forehead. Larvo crawled through a small crack under the sea where he finds a rock shaped like a mask to hide his scar. He laid dormant inside a cave in the Glass Kingdom for years within the lava flows.

Hundreds of years ago[]

Over time, Larvo started to evolve, growing larger, and eventually turning into a dragon as an adult. He became hostile towards the Glass Kingdom for unknown reasons. In order to stop him, the Glass People summoned Princess Bubblegum for help. Marceline, Bubblegum's girlfriend at the time, came as well. Bubblegum managed to contain Larvo with a force field, but the generators were knocked down by an angry Marceline. However, the Vampire Queen's song, "Woke Up", managed to drive Larvo back into the Furnace, where the Glass People kept him locked up. In order to prevent another possible escape, the Glass People sang Marceline's song annually to keep him locked up (however, they misheard the lyrics and sang it totally different). Larvo then spent centuries growing bigger and stronger, never forgetting his imprisonment at the hands of Marceline.


Hundreds of years after his original defeat, Larvo is accidentally awakened by Glassboy, a Glass Person seeking to use the Furnace to heal his cracked face. While the nobility attempted to contain him, Larvo spawned three Glass Creatures called the Glassassins to find and kill Marceline. However, she defeated them upon returning to the Kingdom with Bubblegum and Glassboy. Marceline played "Woke Up" to drive Larvo back again, but he had become too strong for it to have an effect. While Marceline left to figure out a new song, Bubblegum found a way to stop Larvo, by using the root beer of her Elemental powers. Later, Larvo was released, and heads down towards the Glass Kingdom, where he was poured with copious amounts of root beer by the glass citizens, encasing him in crystallized root beer. But he suddenly breaks free, and in the process, it gave him crystalline spikes all over his body.

Larvo begins to go on a rampage in the kingdom by breaking and melting glass buildings in sight. Marceline returns to the Glass Kingdom with Glassboy, just as the glass citizens were being evacuated by Princess Bubblegum and See-Thru Princess. After Marceline and Glassboy meet up with Princess Bubblegum and See-Thru Princess, they are suddenly approached by Larvo, growling mostly at Glassboy. Larvo takes out Marceline and Princess Bubblegum first by swatting at them, and then proceeds to go after Glassboy and See-Thru Princess. After pushing See-Thru Princess out of the way to keep her safe, Glassboy lures Larvo back to the furnace, with the dragon following close behind him. Marceline and Princess Bubblegum quickly catch-up to them, but the nobilities set Bubblegum's force field into "full blast" mode, causing the entrance of the cave to collapse, leaving Marceline, Bubblegum, Glassboy, and Larvo trapped inside the furnace; with Larvo being buried under a pile of rubble, which knocks him out.

When Marceline sings her love song "Monster" to Bonnie, Larvo suddenly wakes up and listens to her singing. But as Marceline continues to sing, Larvo starts to reminisce the events that happened to him (from when he was a tadpole-like creature) that turned him into a dragon. After Marceline finishes singing her song, Larvo suddenly rises from the rubble, and roars frantically in emotional turmoil. He then falls to the ground, and removes the rock that he used to cover up his scar. His scar unexpectedly glows brightly, which turns his whole body into a black husk after the light fades. And from the black husk, an innocent, harmless winged cat-like creature emerges. After See-Thru Princess clears the cave entrance by destroying the force field and causing an explosion, the winged cat-like creature immediately leaves the Furnace, and then flies over the Glass Kingdom.

Powers and Abilities[]

  • Larvo has the ability to stretch, grow and shrink his whole body or some parts of his body at will. This allows him to fit through the smallest of spaces, despite being gigantic. This was demonstrated when:
    • His arm only caused a small hole to break through the doors of the furnace to attack some of the shards (the Glass Kingdom's guards),
    • He was able to stretch out his jaws all the way down the mountain while escaping out of the furnace.
    • His whole body was able to squeeze out of the small hole he made on the furnace doors.
  • As a Dragon, Larvo can breathe fire that is hot enough to melt glass buildings.

Episode Appearances[]

Major Appearances[]


  • Larvo appears in the center of the "Obsidian" promotional poster, right above Marceline.
  • Larvo’s transformation from a tadpole-like creature into a dragon mirrors the process of metamorphosis in amphibians.
    • However, his transformation from a dragon into a winged cat-like creature is highly reminiscent of metamorphosis in butterflies.
  • In his dragon form, Larvo could be considered a "Drake": a type of dragon that has four legs, but lacks wings.
  • Larvo's appearance also heavily resembles that of a salamander: a type of amphibian that was once believed to have been born from fire.
    • Like a real-life salamander, however, Larvo was actually born in water.


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