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The Land of Ooo, or simply Ooo, is the main setting of Adventure Time. It is the home of FinnJake, and all their friends and foes. It is divided into many different kingdoms, of which the most prominent are the Ice Kingdom, the Candy Kingdom, the Earldom of Lemongrab, Wildberry Kingdom, the Fire Kingdom, and the Cloud Kingdom. There are also many geographical areas not known to be part of any kingdom, such as the Evil Forest and the Bad Lands. In a similar vein, there is a kingdom in the realm known as Lumpy Space, but it is in another dimension, and therefore not part of Ooo. It was alleged that Finn was the only human known to live there, but this was later revealed to be incorrect.


Frederator Studios released two different official maps of the Land of Ooo along with the original Adventure Time pitch documents: the black-and-white map and color map, both seen in the gallery below. Of these, the black-and-white one drawn by Ghostshrimp is probably more accurate for several reasons:

  1. Its general shape matches the aerial view of Ooo seen in "Business Time" (see the picture in the gallery below).
  2. A slightly modified version of this map appears on Princess Bubblegum's hologram map in "The Other Tarts".
  3. On the black-and-white map, the names of certain places match up with the names used in the show and by its creators, while some of the names on the colour map do not.

Map-only locations[]

Land of Ooo map 1

Map detail: Chicken Blood Cove and Isle of Steam.

Haunted Swamp Hollogram

"The Haunted Swan"

The two official maps show many locations that have never been mentioned or seen in the show. Nothing is known about them other than what appears on the maps.

On the pitch map, a Mystery Temple appears on an island off the east coast of Ooo. It resembles a Mesoamerican pyramid. Also on the pitch map, the Fire Kingdom is labeled as the "Burning Lands" and the Grass Lands are called the "Verdant Plains". An area called the "Red Rock Cliffs" might correspond to Red Rock Pass, and a note indicates that Marceline's cave is located there.

On the black-and-white map, there are many places that have never been seen in the show. To the north of Ooo is the Sea of Something, which contains a small island chain called the Shiney Isles, which appear to have crystals on them. The warrior known as The Farm hails from this island chain. On a northern peninsula near the Ice Kingdom are the Unknown Lands. In the comic, this place seems to have a purple hue. A cloud or island in the northwest corner of the map is called the Cloud Forest, which appears to be covered in clouds with trees on top of them.

The Sea of Sure Death is off of the southwest coast of Ooo, near the Lost Cliffs. The map shows a dragon in the sea near there. The Isle of Steam appears off the coast of Ooo next to the Fire Kingdom. Just to the south of it is the mysterious Chicken Blood Cove. The Squid Ink Sea is to the southeast of Ooo and features several unidentified islands. In the ocean near there is a Whirlpool of Sharks. The Floating Gems appear to be diamond-cut isles floating in the sea on the easternmost edge of the Land of Ooo.

The Haunted Swamp is just east of the Grass Lands and north of the Spooky Forest. Strangely, in the hologram map that appears in "The Other Tarts", it is labeled "The Haunted Swan", though this is likely an error. The Hole Near the Center of the World is, as its name suggests, a hole near the middle of Ooo.


Ooo exhibits a mix of democracy, dictatorship, feudalism, as well as what appears to be a despotic monarchy in all of the Kingdoms of Ooo except the Fire Kingdom (an absolute hereditary monarchy), the Ice Kingdom (a borderline mixture of despotic or absolute monarchies as depends), and the Candy Kingdom. The Candy Kingdom in particular slowly developed into a mix of absolute monarchy authoritarianism beginning in Season 2, culminating in the Season 6 finale, when the land held its first (and most likely only) election to replace Princess Bubblegum. King of Ooo subsequently ruled the land for a few months, but the citizens eventually rebelled against him and reinstated Bubblegum. In "Gumbaldia" after Gumbald officially revealed to everyone (including Finn and his rival and creator Princess Bubblegum) at Finn's Birthday of his returned, Its quickly shown his new City-State Gumbaldia they quickly formed to resemble a despotic hereditary monarchy in contrast to the original Candy Kingdom until just in short time after events of "Come Along With Me" that Gumbald returned into as Punchy, As resulted Lolly has given all political power from Gumbald to her thus reduce as another despotic monarchy like any other Kingdoms in Ooo and with recognition by Bubblegum as the separate Candy Kingdom as part of Gum War treaty.

Most kingdoms are ruled by one or more members of royalty, such as the Ice Kingdom and the Fire Kingdom. The Grand Meeting of Ooo Royalty shows that the various rulers of Ooo meet together (except Earl of Lemongrab) for discussions on a regular basis, though the topics are not revealed. A similar event called Princess Day is also held every year. No republics are known to exist in the Land of Ooo.

Dictatorship is only exhibited in "The Silent King" where Xergiok takes control of the Goblin Kingdom by force, and by the Earl of Lemongrab after the escape of Lemonhope, who turns the entirety of the Earldom into a totalitarian city-state until "Lemonhope Part 2," in which the earldom was made into a constitutional monarchy city-state after both Lemongrab 1 and Lemongrab 2 exploded and Princess Bubblegum stitched them together to create Lemongrab 3, who took over as ruler of the earldom of Lemongrab.

Party Pat is the chief of the Party Bears, but they do not display any form of government, except for possibly nomadic tribal chiefdom as Pete described his group at end of his speech. In the episode "Paper Pete", Mildwin is the democratically elected leader of the Moldos.

In the episode "The Mountain", the Mountain of Matthew seems to be a theocracy with the leader being Matthew, who is actually formed by several humanoids. The mountain's only guardian is also formed by several humanoids. This guardian acts more of a Holy guard to the Mountain of Matthew rather than a normal guard, as other guards are in the rest of the series.


Ooo has also not been shown to have an army or any type of military force that protects the land as a whole. Therefore, each kingdom provides its own military or police force. The most prominent example of this would probably be the Candy Kingdom, which has fortified walls (albeit ones made of candy) and Banana Guards, as well as other security forces. On the opposite end of the spectrum is the City of Thieves, which appears to have no police force whatsoever, and all of the citizens constantly steal from one another.

One could argue that Finn and Jake are the official militaries, but it has not yet been confirmed.


One of the primary deities worshipped in Ooo is Grob Gob Glob Grod. The Cosmic Owl apparently is also known as some kind of spiritual entity that appears in premonition dreams. Ooo seems to have a number of other potentially godlike beings such as Party God and Death.

In "Video Makers", Shelby wears a clerical collar often worn by Christian priests. In "The Pit", Shelby and his collar reappear, and it is revealed that Shelby can actually bless objects, imbuing them with a certain degree of holiness. Although it may just be a throw-away joke, this turn of events seems to suggest Shelby may actually be some sort of priest.

In "Holly Jolly Secrets Part I", many Christmas-themed items appear, but none of the characters shows knowledge of the holiday itself (instead of Christmas, the holiday is called a day for wearing sweaters and watching secret tapes). Natasha Allegri has stated that the picture of a mother and child in Marceline's house is Mary and baby Jesus.[citation needed] However, there's no direct evidence that Marceline actually holds religious beliefs, and the significance of the picture has never been addressed by the characters. Since Marceline is over 1000 years old (and is shown in "I Remember You" as having lived through the "Mushroom War"), if anyone remembers, it would presumably be her.

In the episode "Marceline's Closet", just before Finn and Jake play Cloud Hunt, Jake mentions a central Buddhist philosophy. When asked what he is doing, Jake responds with, "Eliminating desire from my heart. It helps pass the time." This is the ultimate goal of the Eight-Fold Path and a central idea behind the four noble truths. Jake has also stated his belief that when he "croaks" his consciousness will become one with everything while Glob tallies his deeds. This statement is a rough combination of several religious beliefs; that upon dying one's soul becomes part of everything and that one's deeds in life determine the soul's fate after death.

In the episode "The Vault", the Regression Simulator game on BMO announces that it is the Hypno-Priest.

In the episode "The Mountain", Lemongrab 3 goes on a seemingly spiritual quest to merge with Matthew, who religiously believes that he could fix everything though world domination.

In "No One Can Hear You", Finn asked if everyone is at church and worshipping Glob, meaning that churches do exist (at least in the Candy Kingdom).

Rebecca Sugar has stated that Abraham Lincoln is the equivalent of Jesus in Ooo.[citation needed]


The only currency shown in the series is dollar bills and coins, although some store owners (Choose Goose) prefer barter. The dollar is made in at least two sizes (regular and giant). The dollar is first shown in "The Enchiridion!", wherein Finn steals a giant dollar from an Ogre. The dollar is also seen in "To Cut a Woman's Hair", when Finn pays Simon to play his violin. It is unknown if the dollar comes in a small size. Dollars appear again in the episode "Donny", when Mr. Bank puts himself back together. Also, in the episode "Hitman", the Ice King tries to pay Scorcher not to kill Finn and Jake. Gold and jewels are also used, and even accepted as a form of tax payment in "Burning Low". In "Be More", an LMO waves a dollar bill while another one rolls a pair of dice. In the episode "Blank-Eyed Girl", Finn eats from a restaurant and pays using a Dollar-like note.

There is also a penny shown in "Sons of Mars", when Abraham Lincoln tries to use it as payment (and apparently has succeeded before). In "Guardians of Sunshine", Jake attempts to take one of the game's coins to the real world, but, much to Jake's disappointment, it turned into a penny when it was removed from the game.

There are also other coins shown in "Davey" when Finn takes some from a fountain. In the episode "James", James used a coin to fix the radio signal.


English seems to be the primary language in Ooo, though many others seem to be spoken:

  • Korean: Rainicorns speak and write in Korean; Jake and Princess Bubblegum can understand it, but they speak it infrequently, if at all.
  • German: In "What Have You Done?", "Frost & Fire", "May I Come In?", "Blenanas", and "Go With Me", Princess Bubblegum spoke a moderate amount of German. Also, in The Adventure Time Encyclopædia, German is said to be the preferred language of demons. In "Bonnibel Bubblegum", it is used several times by Bonnibel's family.
  • French: As shown in "Incendium," the Flame King speaks some when talking to Jake. Jake sings Alouette, a song sung in French, in "Holly Jolly Secrets Part II." Also, in "The Real You," when Finn's finger and Jake are in the Apple Classroom, a poster at the back of the room can be seen, with the month "Avril" (French for April) written on it.
  • Japanese: In "Marceline's Closet," Jake says a Japanese phrase. Jake also spoke some Japanese in "Return to the Nightosphere." And in "Gut Grinder," one of the soft people called Jake "kawaii" (meaning "cute"). In the episode "Candy Streets," when Finn and Jake enter the Pharmacy, on the wall behind Ann are the katakana characters "ファーマシー" (fāmashī) which mean "Pharmacy." In "One Last Job," Jake stretches his arm into a hole in a log in the wall; it is hollow inside and Jake is shown reaching up to it. When Jake's hand reaches the top of the inside of the hollow log, he is seen pressing a button with a label above it in which appears to be Japanese text.
  • Latin: In "Hug Wolf", the book Jake consults to discover what sort of beast Finn turns into after he is hugged by the alpha hug wolf, has its title in Latin. Also the wizard Bufo, who first appears in "Wizard," takes his name from the Latin word for toad: "bufo." The incantation used to open a portal to the Nightosphere ("Maloso vobiscum et cum spiritum") is also pseudo-Latin and is an inversion of the actual Latin phrase, "Dominus vobiscum, et cum spiritu tuo" (meaning, "May God be with you, and with your spirit") often used in the Latin Catholic mass. Finn also speaks Latin while facing off against the Gladiator Ghost in "Morituri Te Salutamus." Similarly, the spell to summon Kee-Oth the Blood Demon appears to be engraved in pseudo-Latin and reads: "BUTYRUM LAC SUREPO KEE OTH PRADIUM." This translates, albeit very roughly as, "Buttermilk, syrup, breakfast, Kee Oth."
  • Spanish: In the episode "The Party's Over, Isla de Señorita," several Spanish words and phrases are spoken, particularly when Island Lady sings about Ice King hanging around with her. In fact, the phrase "Isla de Señorita" is a Spanish phrase which translates to "Island of Lady." In "Paper Pete", one of the books Finn runs past as he brings the Moldos to Jake reads "Carne", which is Spanish for "flesh." On the same shelf, another book reads "Diccionario de los Muertos," which translates to "Dictionary of the Dead." Jake spoke a bit of Spanish in "Wheels," referring to Kim Kil Whan using "mi'ijo" which translates to "my son."

Post-apocalyptic setting[]

Main article: Mushroom War

Pendleton Ward, the creator of Adventure Time, has stated both in an interview[1] and in his FAQ page[2] that the Land of Ooo is actually a post-apocalyptic Earth, the result of a global disaster called the Mushroom War, hence the ruined pieces of modern technology scattered across the land. In "Sons of Mars" and "Orgalorg", it is revealed that Ooo is very close to the massive crater if not inside it; the crater seemed to be covering what used to be Europe.

It was initially thought that Finn was the sole human being left in Ooo. At one point there was a theory that the Mushroom War is responsible for killing off all the other humans, or that they mutated into the current and varied inhabitants of the planet. However, it is proven throughout the show that there are many other humans in Ooo, and on the four islands In "Her Parents," Lady Rainicorn's parents mention that they wanted to eat Finn because they never thought they would get the chance to eat an actual human, implying that the Rainicorns may have had something to do with the decrease in humans in Ooo.

In "Simon & Marcy", the Land of Ooo (or at least part of it) used to be a pre-Mushroom War territory or country called the "Wut-Wut State" as shown on a food truck's registration plate.


  • While Pendleton Ward says the Land of Ooo is a continent,[citation needed] Adam Muto says it is the size of a smallish island nation.[citation needed] While the old maps lend more evidence to the latter, however on the latest aerial view in the Elements miniseries, the land of Ooo is shown to be roughly the size of Australia. Additionally, Princess Bubblegum refers to Ooo as a continent in the short "Have You Seen the Muffin Mess."
  • In "The Lich", it's revealed the exact place and size of Ooo. Which is the size of an island and is located near the crater.
  • In some pictures, Ooo is drawn with an enormous green dragon at bottom. In the islands miniseries it's revealed that he's Whipple, the happy dragon.
  • The map of Ooo vaguely resembles an eagle or phoenix.
  • On the Cartoon Network advertisement for "Adventure Travel," the Land of Ooo is shown as a rolling plain rather than a continent.
  • In The Adventure Time Encyclopædia, the Land of Ooo is shown on the first page and Jake added some more landmarks.
  • The map of Ooo could be a reference to the Northeastern continent of Final Fantasy as it is quite similar.
  • As Ooo is a single continent it could be the result the continental drift colliding all the continents together (though it'd be an abnormally fast process given it took less thana million years). Alternatively, Ooo might be a single surviving continent as sea levels rose; "Ocean of Fear" confirms that the sea engulfed cities and likely expanded into the continents.


Ooo map AT earth2 The land of Ooo
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