The following information is from the Adventure Time comic book series. It may not be part of the same canon or continuity as the animated series.

Lamprey Princess is a princess of an unknown kingdom within Ooo. She first appeared in Issue 4 of the Adventure Time comic book series. In Issue 5, she climbed into a clay bucket to see if it was awesome to be inside one, but ended up getting stuck. Finn saved her by using his auto-tune to shatter the pot. In Issue 13, she was seen with the other princesses attending a princess-only meeting, which was quickly interrupted by the newest princess, Finn. In Issue 15, she attended the Princess Tea Party and later joined the princesses in confronting Magic Man in order to restore Finn and Jake's voices.


Lamprey Princess has blonde, shoulder-length hair. Her skin is a tan color and she most often wears a maroon dress. Her mouth consists of a spiraled row of sharp teeth, similar to actual lampreys.


Finn! Can you help me please? I climbed into this clay bucket because I wanted to see if it was awesome to be inside one but it's not and now I'm STUCK!

Yay, thanks Finn! Me and the lampreys I'm made out of owe you one!

Past Me was dumb to go on that diet! Past Me didn't remember how tasty sammiches are!

My sammiches!


  • Despite being a lamprey she considers lampreys awful.


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