The lamb relic (also known as the porcelain lamb) appears in "Beyond this Earthly Realm." The lamb is found in the cave Finn and Jake were exploring. Finn conjectures that it has some sort of "sacred significance." Upon touching it, it transports Finn to the Spirit World. Similarly, in an effort to break it, Ice King touches the lamb and is transported into the Spirit World. When each are transported, their faces appear on the lamb on the front and back. Both Finn and Ice King are returned to the material plane when the lamb is broken.


The lamb relic is a small statue of a lamb that has a gem on its forehead. The lamb is in a sitting pose. When someone touches the lamb, their face replaces the lamb's face on the statue. If more than one person touches the lamb, the second person's face appears on the back of the statue's head.


  • The gem on the top of its head is similar to the gem on the Ice King's crown or the gem on Flame Princess's head.
  • Jake was not transported to the Spirit World when he touched the lamb because he wrapped it in his bandanna and then later when it was broken.


  • When Ice King's face appears on the lamb after he touches it, the lamb's ears are missing.


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