This article is about the ladybug in "Blood Under the Skin." You may be looking for Simon, a ladybug in "Power Animal," or "Ladybug", the species.

The Ladybug is a character that appears in "Blood Under the Skin." At first appearing to be a horrible monster that Finn was attacking, it actually turned out to be a normal-sized ladybug. Finn carefully picked it up with his sword and took it outside the Tree Fort, saying, "Don't you ever come back!" When Finn gets a splinter from the door and cries out in pain, Jake asks, "Did he get you with his poison stingers?" referring to the Ladybug. It is unknown if Finn and Jake were only pretending that the Ladybug was something really menacing or if it could possibly be a more dangerous species, as suggested by its zoomed face and what Jake said about "poison stingers."

It is most likely that Finn and Jake were not really afraid of the ladybug, but simply don't want it in their house. This is shown through their friendship with Simon and is further evidenced by Finn's quote "no worms on the bed!" The general idea seems to be that bugs shouldn't be where they are unwelcome.

BMO also shows a likeness toward ladybugs and insects, as it happily watching them dance and refers to them as its "homeboys" in "BMO Lost."

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