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Lady Wizard 1 is a competitor in the episode "Wizard Battle." She attempts to exit Wizard Battle after the Grand Master Wizard announces that the winner will get a kiss from Princess Bubblegum. Along with Lady Wizard 2, Brain Wiz, and Gentleman Wizard, she is turned into a cat as punishment for wanting to quit the battle. She later makes a cameo in "Wizards Only, Fools."


Lady Wizard 1 has blonde, shoulder-length hair which is half down and half flipped over the top of her head. She has pale green skin, yellow cat eyes, and pink cheeks. She is wearing a burgundy cape, a turquoise sleeveless shirt, and green pants. She has brown gloves and boots. Her cat form has the same fur color as her hair, and the texture looks rough. She has the same cat eyes, but a slightly different nose.


  • She is one of only a few females (the others being Science Whyzard, Lady Wizard 2, and Huntress Wizard) to show up for the competition.
  • Lady Wizard 1 has only spoken one-word sentences so far and seems to repeat her words.


Boo! Boo.

Yeah. Yeah.


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