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This article is a transcript of the Adventure Time episode "Lady Rainicorn of the Crystal Dimension" from season 8, which aired on April 16, 2016.

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[Setting: Lady Rainicorn's house .]
Lady Rainicorn : [in Korean with subtitles] TV, Its noon. Are you getting up? (TV, 벌써 열두시야. 안 일어날 거야?)
TV : [In english] Nah, I'm good here. Mom, give me some money,
Lady Rainicorn: TV, get a job. (일자리 찾어.)
TV: A job?
Lady Rainicorn: Listen, I will provide you with food, and you can keep using my shampoo. Now I'm going out to lunch. (그래, 내가 너 밥도 먹여주고, 내 샴푸도 써주게 해 주잖아. 엄마 점심 먹으러 간다.)
TV: Lunch with who?
Lady Rainicorn: With Princess Bubblegum . (풍선검 공주님.)
TV: Princess Bubblegum? Do you guys even hang out anymore?
[Lady Rainicorn leaves. TV is shown rummaging through the kitchen. He finds a secret compartment with a box in it. He opens the box.]
TV: Hmm. Hey, some kind of sammich.
[He eats the Sandwich ]
TV: [thinking] This box looks vintage. [out loud] It could be worth money.
[TV leaves the house.]
TV: [monotonally singing] Gonna sell a weird box. Gonna make some mad bucks. Gonna buy some new books.
[Lady Rainicorn returns to the house. She is looking for TV.]
Lady Rainicorn: TV? TV?
[She notices a computer message. She presses play.]
TV: [pre-recorded message from computer] Hey, mom, I'm going to the market to sell a secret weird box. I ate the weird sandwich from the weird box. [echoing] I ate the weird sandwich from the weird box. I ate the weird sandwich from the weird box. I ate the weird sandwich from the weird box.
[Lady Rainicorn looks concerned. She is looking for the box. It is not there.]
Lady Rainicorn: TV!
[Lady Rainicorn begins flying toward the market. TV is shown at the market.]
TV: [yelling] Weird box for sale!
[shown at Tom's Music Boxes]
Tom : Sorry, kid. Maybe if it was a music box.
[Lee is riding a bike, looking around.]
Lee : [in Korean with subtitles] Hmm. It's close. (흠, 가까이 있군.)
[TV is shown at Candy Box Man's stand.]
Candy Box Man : Now, if it was a candy box, I could use it.
[Lee is shown holding a pink crystal]
Lee : [to the crystal] Do your thing. (찾아봐.)
[The crystal forms a hand and begins to search for the crystal sandwich]
Farmer's market character: [advertising] Get you cukes, get your zukes. Get your handwoven tukes!
TV: [thinking] Ohh, people here are dumb or something.
[the crystal hand touches TV's stomach. It has found the crystal sandwich.]
Lee: Gotcha. (잘했어.)
[The crystal hand vanishes. Lee drives over to TV.]
TV: [looking at the bike] Whoa!
Lee: Hey, I'm Lee. Nice box. (안녕, 내 이름은 리야. 그 상자 멋있는데.)
TV: Give me money, Lee, and you can have it.
Lee: I don't believe in currency, man! But I know a place where you could get a lot of money for a box like that. Get on my cool bike, I will take you there! (난 돈따윈 안 믿어! 근데, 니가 그 상자를 비싸게 팔 수 있는 장소는 알고 있지. 내 죽이는 오토바이에 탈래? 거기로 데려다 줄게.)
[Lee picks up TV and puts him on the bike.
TV: uhh, BTW, my name's TV
Lee: My name is Lee. (내 이름은 리.)
[Lee starts the bike.]
TV: [singing a tune]♪♩♫ I've got a new best friend.♪♩♫
Lee: [singing]♪♩♫ Named Lee.♪♩♫
[Lady Rainicorn comes out of the trees]
Lady Rainicorn: Lee?
TV: [casually] Oh, hey mom!
[Lee turns the bike around, and Lady follows them.]
Lady Rainicorn: [sternly] You can't take it, Lee! (너 그거 못 가져가, 리!)
Lee: [to Lady Rainicorn] You know this is for the best. (이렇게 하는게 최선이라는 거 알지.)
Lady Rainicorn: Also, you can't take my son, TV! (그리고 내 아들 TV도 못 데려가!)
[Lee throws the pink crystal and it forms a portal. They travel through it. Lady creates another portal for herself.
Lady Rainicorn: TV! [sternly] Don't make me laugh. (웃기고 있네.)
[All of them are now in the Crystal Dimension . Lee drives through a door and it closes. Lady cannot go through it.]
Lady Rainicorn: TV!
[Lee and TV are in a mansion. Lee is playing the bass on a couch.]
TV: You've got such a cool place, Lee.
Lee: Well, you're a cool guy, too. Aren't you? (고마워. 근데 너도 멋진 놈인 거 같은데. 아니야?)
TV: Cool? Yes, I am. How much did this place cost?
Lee: Oh, its not my house. I'm squatting. (아 이거 내꺼 아니야. 그냥 빈집에 들어와 있는거야.)
[Lee's phone rings, and he answers.]
Lee: [on the phone, whispering] Yeah, I've got him. Get the boys over here. (응, 응, 그래. 여기다 가둬 놨어. 애들 데리고 와.)
TV: [looking around] Hey, what's this thing?
[a TV shaped contraption is shown.]
Lee: [nervous] Oh! uhh.. Thats nothing, man. (어, 어, 아... 이거 아무것도 아니야.)
[Lee places some flowers in front of it.]
Lee: Hey, want to get on the back of my motorbike again? (야, 다시 오토바이나 타러 가자.)
TV: [laughs] Yeah!
Lee: I'll show you how to do a wheelie! (내가 멋있는 거 보여줄게, 윌리!)
TV: [in awe] Whoa! A wheelie! [singing] ♪♩♫I've got a new best friend.♪♩♫
Lee: [singing]♪♩♫ Named Lee.♪♩♫
[Three dogs enter the mansion. Lady Rainicorn is shown walking in the crystal town. She notices graffiti on a wall, and a flashback takes place from when Lee and Lady Rainicorn were still dating. These following scenes are the flashback until noted.]
Lee: This is what I think about dogs, baby (이게 내가 개들을 어떻게 생각하는지 보여주는거야, 어때, 죽이지?)
[points to graffiti that says, "down with dogs"]
Lee: [on his bike with Lady, yelling to dog pedestrians] Yeah! Hey dogs! You're stupid! [imitating dogs] Bow wow wow wow! (야! 멍멍이들! 야 이 개들아! 머리에는 뭐가 들었냐? 멍멍멍! 멍!)
Lee: [making fun of a police dog] Hey! Dog cop! Watsa matter?! Not used to rainicorns standing up to you? (야, 개 경찰! 쫄았냐? 레이니콘이 이렇게 대드는 건 처음 봐?)
[Lee is shown putting a crystal into a trash can. Next to the can is a sign that says "DON'T LITTER"]
Lee: [laughs and hides behind a wall with Lady Rainicorn] Get a load of this, baby! (자기야, 멋진거 보여줄까?)
[A dog tries to put paper in the trash can, but the crystal goes off and creates a beam of rainbows and exploding trash.]
Lee: [Laughing] Boom!
Lady Rainicorn: [sighing and smiling] Oh, Lee.
Lee: [laughs] Baby, did you see that? (자기야, 봤지?)
[A family of dogs is shown and they get covered with rainbow paint. The frames pan up and Lee is seen with a bucket next to Lady Rainicorn.]
Lee: [laughs] I hate dogs so much! (개들이 너무 싫어.)
[Lee and Lady Rainicorn are seen in their home. Lady is spinning thread and Lee is on a floor mat.
Lee: We don't need to follow dog's rules! (봤지, 우리가 개들 법을 따라야 할 이유는 아무것도 없다고.)
Lady Rainicorn: Yeah. (맞아.)
[Lady Rainicorn's parents come to their house]
Ethel (Lady Rainicorn's mother): [at the door] Ding-dong! Doting parents delivery service.
Bob (Lady Rainicorn's father): Your mother and I were in the neighborhood.
Ethel: One can't live on love alone; One must also have groceries.
[Ethel places a bag of groceries in front of them.]
Lee: Hey, groceries are a dog-driven concept. [points to paper owl] There's enough nutrition in that macrame owl on the wall there to feed this entire city for a year! (아, 장모님, 장보는 건 개들 작전에 말려드는 거에요. 저기 벽에 걸려 있는 부엉이만 해도, 어, 일 년동안 온 동네 사람들을 먹여살리는데.)
[Ethel and Bob driving home in their car]
Ethel: [perplexed and annoyed] Whatever does she see in such an idiot?
[scene changes to Lee and Lady Rainicorn laughing and running around in a crystal field.
Lee: Ah, you're beautiful, baby! (아, 자기야 너 진짜 아름답다.)
Lady Rainicorn: [laughing] Oh, lee!
[scene changes to Lee and Lady near a dog bank. Lee has dynamite.]
Lee: Watch this, baby! (자기야, 이거 봐봐.)
[Lee blows up the bank in a cloud of rainbows, leaving the dogs suprised and confused.]
Lee: [exclaiming] Whoooo! I hate dogs! I hate those stinkin' dogs! (워후! 아, 나 개들이 싫다! 저 멍청한 개들이 진짜 싫어!)
Lady Rainicorn: [sad and disappointed] Lee....
[Lady is shown entering a cafe, looking around]
Lady Rainicorn: Lee?
[Lady looks in the back of the cafe, where Lee and Roy are plotting something with a map.]
Lee: All we gotta do is follow this map! (이제 이 지도대로만 가면 되는거야!)
Roy : [obliviously] You mean this stolen map?!
Lady: [interrupts] What's this? (이게 뭐야?)
Roy: [suprised and annoyed] Lady!
Lee: [rolling up the map] Uh, nothing.. nothing, nothing. (아, 아니야, 아무것도.)
[The map is shown as a maze leading to a sandwich (the Crystal Mergence of Destruction)]
Lady Rainicorn: [angrily] No way! You're going too far, Lee! Breaking into a dog military installation! You could trigger another rainicorn-dog war! (이건 너무 심해. 이건 개들의 군대 체제를 침법하는 거잖아! 니가 레이니콘과 개들의 전쟁을 다시 일으킬 수 있어!)
Lee: [scoffs] You know, I'm actually glad you caught me. We can't do this without you. The rainicorns need you. Lee needs you.
[He kisses her on the cheek] (그래, 이렇게 들킨 거, 차라리 잘 됐어. 자기 없이는 이 작전은 성공할 수 없어. 레이니콘들한테는 니가 필요해.)
Lady Rainicorn: [sadly] Aww....
[Scene changes to a building called the "Labyrinth" with two guard dogs outside. Lee, Roy and Lady Rainicorn put coffee bags over the dogs, and disguise them into the building's color. They enter the building.
Lee: Finally, the Mergence of Destruction! I'm gonna rain pain on all those dumb dogs! (드디어 파괴의 원동력이 내 손안에 들어왔어! 내가 멍청한 개들한테 따가운 비를 뿌려, 윽...)
[Lady Rainicorn hits him, and he goes unconscious. She takes the sandwich.]
Lady Rainicorn: I'm sorry, my love. (자기야 미안해.)
Roy: Hey, whats going on? Wha?
[Lady Rainicorn zaps Roy with her horn.
Roy: [yelling] Ahh!
Lee: [struggling] You can't stop me. I'm gonna get that nugget someday! I'll chase you to the ends of the crystal dimension!
[Scene changes to Lady Rainicorn's parent's home.] (넌 나를 멈출 수 없어. 언젠가 내가 그 돌맹이 꼭 찾을거야... 세상 끝까지라도 널 쫓아가서!)
Lady Rainicorn: Mom, dad, I've got to get out of town fast!(엄마, 아빠, 저 지금 여기로 떠나야 돼요.)
Ethel: You're leaving? Do you want any groceries to take with you?
Lady Rainicorn: Mom, no. Listen, I don't know if I can ever come back. The Crystal Mergence must be kept far from here. (어, 괜찮아요. 저, 저 언제 돌아올 지 모르겠어요. 이 수정 활성화를 여기서부터 없애야 돼요.)
Ethel: Okay, but take a purse. I have tons of them.
Lady Rainicorn: [Leaving on a bike] Thanks, mom! Thanks, dad! I love you! (고마워요, 엄마 아빠! 사랑해요!)
Bob: No more nose ring bozo.
Ethel: Prayer works.
[Lady Rainicorn is seen leaving the Crystal Dimension. She now enters Ooo. She looks down from a hill and sees some citizens.]
Cinnamon Bun : [being chased by mushroom people ] Oh! Ohhhh, oh dear, oh dear, oh dear! What am I gonna do?
Lady Rainicorn: [Perplexed] Weird. [walking through Ooo] The trees are lovely here. (어우, 쟨 뭐야? 여기 나무들은 풍성하구나.)
[Lady Rainicorn is seen entering her future barn to rest. She pulls out the box that contains the sandwich.]
Lady Rainicorn: I'll keep you hidden for as long as I must. (너 잘 숨겨놓을 거야 내가. 내가 잘 지킬거야...)
[Lady Rainicorn falls asleep. This is now the end of the flashback caused by looking at the wall graffiti. The original story now continues. Lady Rainicorn enters Roy's coffee shop.]
Lady Rainicorn: Roy!
Roy: Lady!
Lady Rainicorn: Is Lee here? [리 어딨어?]
Roy: No. Lee hasn't been here for.... Hey, hey, hey, don't go back there. 
[Lady Rainicorn goes to the back of the coffee shop. There is nothing but coffee.]
Lady Rainicorn: Ah-hah! [realizes] Oh.
Roy: Its just coffee. I work here now.
Lady Rainicorn: [sternly] Where is he hanging out? This is important. I have to know where he is right away! (얘 어디서 있는거야? 이거 진짜 중요한 일이야. 나 빨리 얘 찾아야 해!)
Roy: [defensively] Hey, I, now, I- I don't keep in touch, alright? I just want to make a good coffee.
Lady Rainicorn: Quality.... Like this?! (품질... 이렇게?!)
[Lady Rainicorn stirs up Roy's coffee cup.]
Roy: [upset] No! My latte!!
Lady Rainicorn: [angrily] Talk! (빨리 불어!)
[she stirs his cup more]
Roy: I don't know! I'm not into, y'know- I have my own business. Quality coffee.
Lady Rainicorn: You mean this coffee? (이거 말이지?)
[Lady Rainicorn stabs a coffee bag with her horn.]
Roy: [desperately] Thats my kona! I-I'll tell you all the stuff I know. There was no sign of you, so Lee went [exaggerated] way underground. Started running with a crew of revolutionary dogs. Dogs! I know, right? Lee hangs out at the old bootlegger mansion with those dogs.
[Lady Rainicorn takes a newspaper roll]
Lady Rainicorn: I'm going to need this. (나 이거 가져간다.)
[Lady Rainicorn walks out. Roy looks at his latte.]
Roy: [tired] So much anger. 
[scene changes back to Lee's mansion. TV is strapped to a spinning wheel contraption. Lee and three dogs surround him.]
TV: [oblivious] Hey, Lee, this is a cool game being strapped in this wheel. [chuckles, singing] ♪♩♫I've got a new best friend.♪♩♫
[Lee doesn't respond.]
TV: [singing uncertainly] ♪♩♫Named Lee♪♩♫
[a dog begins to turn the contraption. TV is being rotated very quickly.]
TV: [uncertainly] Uhh... I don't like this. No, Lee, why are you doing this?
Lee: Faster. (더 빨리 돌려.)
[The crystal sandwich comes out of TV and lands in Lee's hands. The contraption stops and TV is free.]
Lee: [excitingly] The Crystal Mergence of Destruction!! (수정 파괴 활성화는 내꺼야!!)
[Lady Rainicorn enters]
Lady Rainicorn: [angrily] Lee!
Lee: Lady?
TV: Mommy!
Lee: Get her, boys! (쟤네들 못 도망가게 잡아!)
[The dogs start walking toward Lady Rainicorn. She pats each of them on the nose with the newspaper roll. They pause for a second, and then run away.]
Lee: [laughs] Why don't you join my cause, baby?! (하하하! 자기도 들어와! 우리 개 선호당에!)
Lady Rainicorn: I thought you were against dogs! (나는 니가 개들을 증오하는 줄 알았지!)
Lee: That was then... Now the Rainicorns are ruling the roost! (그때는 그랬지... 근데 이제는 레이니콘들이 이 세상을 지배하잖아!)
[Lee begins to run around. Lady Rainicorn chases him.]
Lee: Nobody is going to stand in my way this time! (이번엔, 누구도 내 계획을 방해할 수 없어!)
TV: [oblivious] Hi, mom. How do you know Lee?
Lee: You're too late! (이미 늦어버렸어!) [he begins to lick the crystal sandwich.] Blblblblbl
[The sandwich begins to glow, and an arm emerges from it.]
Lee: [Laughs] Yeah! Okay, now how.. How do I work this thing?? (하하하, 그래! 가만 이거 이제 어떻게... 어떻게 하는 거지?)
[The sandwich's arm is taking Lee's body. Lee disappears into the sandwich. The sandwich begins to reach for Lady and TV.]
Lady: Ahh! TV, Run! (아아! TV, 도망가!)
TV: [calmly] Um, Okay. [TV picks up the box nearby.]
[Lady Rainicorn screams. TV opens the box and puts the crystal sandwich inside. It stops trying to take their bodies.]
TV: It's a good thing I didn't sell this box.
[scene changes to inside the crystal city. TV is on the sidewalk , and Lady Rainicorn is on Lee's old motorbike.]
Lady Rainicorn: Lets go back, TV. I have to get this thing out of here and back to Ooo. (TV야, 인제 가자. 우리 이거 다시 우로 가져가야 해.) 
TV: Yeah, no, I think I'll stay here in the Crystal Dimension for a while. I want to learn to be cool like you. More independent and everything.
Lady Rainicorn: [patting his head]
[Lady Rainicorn leaves.]
TV: [waving] Love you, mom. [he sighs.] Being independent is awesome.
[scene changes to Bob and Ethel's home. TV is sitting on a chair.] 
TV: Do you guys have any food?
[End of episode]