Lady Rainicorn's house is first seen in "My Two Favorite People." Jake is on a date with Lady Rainicorn and enjoys changing the scenery around the house to different colors using Lady Rainicorn's powers. It also appears in "Five More Short Graybles," in which Finn and Jake are seen putting their thumbs into a plum pie in an attempt to cast a spell on themselves, while Lady Rainicorn reads a book outside the house. In the episode "Lady Rainicorn of the Crystal Dimension," it is revealed that Lady moved into the abandoned barn after her break up with Lee.


In its latest appearance, the house/barn is red on the first floor and has a black roof. This is different from its first appearance, in which it has a stone-gray bottom with a light-colored roof. As seen in "Five More Short Graybles," the upstairs has a chicken and piles of hay scattered around with a view of the outside through a pair of heart-shaped windows. There are also two windows on the side of the house. In addition to the many trees surrounding the property, there is a single cotton candy tree behind the house next to a small awning that covers a well. By the front door is a stream of water with a small wooden bridge built over it. A wooden fence is set up to the right of the front entrance, and to the left is a wooden bench. There is also a red silo near the house.

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