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Lady Rainicorn is a female Rainicorn and is Princess Bubblegum's royal steed, best friend, and companion. She is also Jake's girlfriend, and sometimes follows Finn and Jake on their adventures. She only speaks Korean, speaking English only when equipped with a universal translator device (however, she is shown to have spoken a bit of English in "Lady & Peebles" "I am pregnant!"). Princess Bubblegum, Lady's children, Jake, and Root Beer Guy are the only other beings in the Land of Ooo, besides Lady's parents, that are shown to understand Korean. Finn directly refers to the language she speaks as Korean in "The Pit." In "Lady & Peebles," Lady revealed that she is pregnant; this was confirmed by Princess Bubblegum. In "Jake the Dad," she becomes a mother to five rainbow puppies. She lives in a stable in the Cotton Candy Forest.

In the version of the proBuye "Her Parents" her mother and father do not find it odd that Jake can stretch or is long as the females before they know he is a dog. In "Five More Short Graybles" and in "Up a Tree," Lady sported a "baby bump" around the middle of her body, indicating her pregnancy.

Powers and Abilities[]

Lady Rainicorn has several unique powers and abilities being a Rainicorn, such as:

  • Flight:
    S1e9 Heygrandpa

    Lady flying.

    Lady has the ability to fly. In the episode "My Two Favorite People," Lady Rainicorn explains to Finn that she can fly because her body can intercept beams of reflected light from the sun and "dance around" on them.[1]
  • Color/Light Manipulation: Lady can use her horn to change the color of anything she wants.[1]
    • Energy Projection: Like her parents, she can fire a chromatic light beam from her horn to attack.[2]
  • Intangibility: Lady can phase through walls and carry people while phasing.[3] People can phase through her body.[4]
  • Dimensional Travel: Lady, using her horn, can travel to the Crystal Dimension by cutting the reality.[2]
  • She can also play the viola, like her partner Jake.

Personality and traits[]

Lady is laid-back and likes to interact with Jake and Princess Bubblegum. She is considered Princess Bubblegum's companion, like Jake is Finn's companion. She does not speak Korean in the original short; she only makes soft cooing sounds (or, near the beginning, hysterical screaming coos). Jake understands what she says when she talks to him, and she believes she is smarter than Jake. She may also have a fondness for power rings, which she wears by phasing them into her body since she lacks fingers. Jake calls her "The Rowdy Queen," saying that she can do anything.

Lady, unlike both of her parents, does not wear a universal translator device. Despite not speaking English, she can understand it, as evidenced by the fact that all the other characters primarily speak English when talking to her and she is able to understand them.




Princess Bubblegum[]

PB and LR

Princess Bubblegum and Lady Rainicorn

Lady is usually seen with or near Princess Bubblegum in the Cotton Candy Forest in the Candy Kingdom. In the animated short, she shows great concern when the princess is abducted by Ice King, and even tried to rescue her from him. She is sometimes described as the princess' pet. In "What Have You Done?," Lady flew the princess to the Ice Kingdom so she could ask for Ice King's help in ending the plague in the Candy Kingdom, and showed great disgust at him when he mistook their pleas for help for flirting. Lady even speaks to him at this time, saying "Verily, you are a creature unworthy even of my lady's disdain." When Lady got injured by the eyes in "Lady & Peebles," Princess Bubblegum showed great concern for her, and even carried her on her back rather than leaving her behind. This shows that they connect and have a deep friendship.


At the beginning of the episode "My Two Favorite People," Lady Rainicorn and Finn's relationship is awkward because of the language barrier. Attempting to fix this, she helps Finn and Jake recover the universal translator device at the bottom of a lake guarded by Lake Knights. At first, Finn is worried that she is "too sweet" for the deadly adventure, but is quickly impressed by Lady Rainicorn's ability to fight. Finn also finds the translator's 'Old Man' voice option amusing, so he and Lady soon become friends. Jake gets rid of the universal translator device, but any persistent issues Finn has with understanding Lady Rainicorn have yet to be mentioned.

Love Interests[]


Jake w lady

Lady Rainicorn with Jake

On the official website in Lady's description, it says Jake is her boyfriend and that they get along so well because of their common interest in the viola. This relationship began in the short when he and Lady Rainicorn were flirting and sharing interests. At the beginning of "Slumber Party Panic," she is shown being playfully chased by Jake, and later in the episode, they both seem to very much enjoy playing "Seven Minutes in Heaven" (which is a game where two people are locked in a closet together to kiss for 7 minutes).

In "My Two Favorite People," Lady recalls a time when she and Jake ran naked through a farmer's field, causing Jake and herself to blush which may indicate some level of intimacy in their relationship. In "My Two Favorite People," Jake is torn between his desires to go adventuring with Finn and hanging out with his girlfriend. Lady later says she loves Jake "because he's an idiot" and that he makes her "feel like a genius."

In "Video Makers," Jake gets very jealous when Mr. Cupcake flirts with Lady and becomes violently protective of her. The relationship appears to be rather serious, as he also was worried about his impression on her parents and even went to say he was studying Rainicorn history for their future children, which he did in "Paper Pete" to the point where he was so obsessed that he refused to help or acknowledge Finn's troubles, though he eventually gave up the information having gone way over his head. Lady's mother Ethel referred to Jake as hers and Bob's future son-in-law, hinting that she can see them getting married.

In "Go With Me," Jake takes her to the movie night and they ended up making out through the whole movie night.

In the episode "Burning Low," Jake explains to Finn about "tiers" in relationships and is talking about his relationship with Lady Rainicorn in the process. Jake's implications in the explanation indicate that he is very intimate with Lady.

In "Lady & Peebles," Lady reveals in English that she is pregnant. In "Five More Short Graybles" she sports a baby bump on her belly when Jake put his thumb in it making her kiss him. In "Up a Tree" she is with Finn and Jake having a picnic. Later in the episode, he takes her home as she kissed him. They have 5 children together.

In "The Pit" and " Bonnie and Neddy" Finn admits that he does not understand if Jake and Lady are married or not. He also discovers a number of intimate video scenes Jake taped for Lady, which he quickly fast-forwards over.

The two do not permanently live together but some episodes such as "All the Little People" and "The Diary" imply that Jake occasionally stays at her house for long periods of time.


When Lady lived in the Crystal Dimension, she had a rebellious boyfriend named Lee whom her parents detested. She would follow him on his schemes to prank dogs. She broke up with him after he went too far by trying to break into a military dog labyrinth and stealing a crystal sandwich.

The ex-couple met again after T.V. ate the crystal sandwich which Lee tracked down. Lee tried to convince her to be his girlfriend, but she was obviously uninterested.


Mr. Cupcake[]

Mr. Cupcake tries to impress Lady Rainicorn by flexing his muscles in front of her in "Video Makers." Although she blushes, she tells Jake not to take it seriously.


See Lady Rainicorn/Quotes


  • As opposed to being a royal title, 'Lady' is, in fact, her actual name.
  • Lady's toy version, as seen in "All the Little People," has a different color scheme than she normally has.
  • In the Tamil dubbing episodes, Lady Rainicorn speaks in Malayalam (a language similar to Tamil), so the viewer can sometimes understand what she's speaking.
  • In one room of the Princess Bubblegum's castle, there are two pictures of Lady Rainicorn on the wall; one of her upper half, and one of her lower half.
  • Two Rainicorns (both of which look like Lady) appear in the Double Rainbow promo.
  • In "The Real You," Princess Bubblegum is seen in the beginning with a yellow t-shirt with a red Rainicorn on it.
  • Lady Rainicorn has a gender-swapped counterpart in the Ice King's fan-fiction known as Lord Monochromicorn.
  • Her favorite drink is iced latte as shown in "Video Makers."
  • In "My Two Favorite People," Jake refers to her as "the rowdy queen."
  • In "Apple Thief," Jake cooks Finn traditional Korean food that Lady Rainicorn taught him how to make.
  • Despite being based on a rainbow, Lady Rainicorn's body does not display any orange, but in the animated short and in the promotional art of Lady & Peebles, she had orange on her body.
  • In "Burning Low," Jake implies that her stomach is 15 feet long.
  • In "Card Wars," it is revealed that Lady Rainicorn used to play Card Wars with Jake, and it made her mad that Jake always won and wanted to do nothing but play it.
  • She can speak some English words, as shown in "Lady & Peebles" as she says "I am pregnant!".
  • As shown in "Lady & Peebles," five small dots and two larger dots appear on the heart monitor. This shows that Lady was pregnant, and the five dots indicate her children, who would make their first appearance in "Jake the Dad."
  • Lady has a recurring nightmare about zombies attacking her family. The stress causes her to grind her teeth in her sleep.
  • In "My Two Favorite People," Lady is able to wear power rings by phasing them to her hands.
    • The original storyboards from this episode also featured Lady explaining to Finn that she was from another universe and came to Ooo by accident when a cluster of moons inverted and "blackholed" into each other. This is apparently not canon, as her parents are shown to be from the Crystal Dimension and are able to travel to and from Ooo freely, and other Rainicorns are known to people in Ooo.
  • Lady's colors are in reverse order when compared to a normal rainbow.
  • Contrary to popular belief that Lady speaks English in the Korean dub, Lady's voice is dubbed over in Korean by voice actor Lee Myung-hee in Korea. For the reason, other characters don't understand her, her voice is digitally distorted, though it is easy for viewers to understand her.
  • Lady Rainicorn appears as an Enchiridion spell in "Finn and Jake's Epic Quest."
    • She also appears as a power-up by Finn riding her to go higher in "Jumping Finn."
  • In the animated short, she speaks a possible Rainicorn language, but in the series, she speaks Korean.
  • In a translation in "Lady & Peebles," it says that Lady enjoys bird songs.
  • In Thai dub, Lady Rainicorn occasionally speaks gibberish that sound like she speak korean in thai dub too, but there are also episodes where the original Korean voice actress was included, and in some episode like "Jake the Dad" or That Episode in Candy Kingdom with zombie Candy, they also include her speak Thai and possibly in another episode too, so that viewers could understand her dialogue. Unlike the original version, she also doesn't speak English in the Thai dub.

Names in other languages[]

  • Her European Portuguese name is Lady Iriscórnio.
  • Her Brazilian Portuguese name is Lady Íris.
  • Her Italian name is Lady Iridella.
  • Her European Spanish name is Lady Arcoiris.

Cultural references[]

  • Other aspects of the Rainicorn people seem to be subtly based on Korean culture and history such as the Korean War, Korean games (i.e. Ethel Rainicorn performs a version of 똥침 "dongchim" on Finn in "Her Parents"), and Korean delicacies.
  • In the Spanish version of Adventure Time, Lady Rainicorn is called 'Arcoiris', which is Spanish for rainbow.
    • Similarly, in the Brazilian Portuguese version, she's is called just 'Iris', referencing the 'Arco-Íris' as well.
  • Lady Rainicorn’s design bares similarities to dragons depicted in Asian mythology, mostly from the Sinosphere
    • It’s defined by being wingless and having a long lengthy body, much like Lady Rainicorn

Episode appearances[]

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