"Lady & Peebles" is the nineteenth episode in the fourth season of Adventure Time.


Princess Bubblegum and Lady Rainicorn look for Finn and Jake, who are missing after a run-in with the Ice King, but instead, they end up meeting Ricardio.


Princess Bubblegum and Lady are trying to find Finn and Jake who have been missing for three weeks after battling with the Ice King. Lady begins to worry about Jake. Bubblegum then tells her that the Ice King is not a major threat and with science on their side, they have the advantage. Lady and Bubblegum then fly off into a dark cave where she can't get any signal on her GPS and relies on her heart signature machine where three heart signatures are detected, thought to be Finn, Jake, and Ice King. She also sees several hearts on the monitor, but dismisses them. They both go into a realm where they are attacked by an army of evil hands. They escape, and Bubblegum hears the Ice Kings voice through an air vent. Bubblegum tells Lady to proceed, using the heart signatures as navigation. They are nearly crushed by an enormous tongue, and Lady flies into another room; much to their surprise, giant eyes on the wall open and shoot laser beams. Lady is hit and badly injured, unable to fly.

Bubblegum carries Lady into a dark passageway. After noticing that she is near Finn and Jake, she finds Ice King on the floor, with a hole in his chest and what seem to be veins spread on the floor. Bubblegum then drops the heart monitor in surprise as Ricardio reveals himself to be the real culprit. He throws Finn and Jake on the ground in front of Bubblegum, who are poisoned by Zanoits. Ricardio reveals that he had spent his time in Ice King's body using his tissue to make his new body; he then recalls on how he only wanted Bubblegum's heart last time, and this time, he wants "the whole package". Ricardio takes Lady from Princess Bubblegum and ties Lady in a knot, throwing her in a corner after that. Ricardio then leans against the princess and asks her to marry him. Bubblegum agrees to marry him if Ricardio can beat her in a hand-to-hand combat. Bubblegum angrily dismisses Ricardio's advances and then tears his limbs apart. She kicks him in the face and warns him to never return. Ricardio escapes into the shadows.

Two days (and another day for the antidote) later, Finn, Jake, Ice King, and Lady Rainicorn are healed, in the Candy Kingdom's Castle's Hospital. Finn wakes up, freaks out that Ricardio has returned and in the black ice cave. Princess Bubblegum tells Finn that everything was taken care of and shows Finn and Jake that she made a new heart for Ice King. She walks over to Lady Rainicorn and apologizes for putting her through danger, saying that she "didn't know." Lady then tells everyone that she is pregnant, much to Jake's surprise. The episode ends with Jake saying, "I'm- puppies!?"

Lady's translated lines

Since in this episode Lady Rainicorn has an exceptionally large amount of lines in Korean, below is a rough translation.

In the igloo

  • Why did I do that?
  • Did you find them?
  • Will they be okay?
  • I told him that his Vietnamese noodles were too tough before he went missing. Why did I say such a thing! What if something wrong happens to him! It was the last conversation we had that his noodles were bad.
  • Sorry. Guess I've eaten too many noodles.
  • What if he attacks you with a knife?
  • What if he tries to harm you?
  • That's right. I'm little bit too worrying sometimes. I always get haunted by this nightmare where half-dead corpses are attacking my house! My uncle, aunt-in-law, cousins are all present; I even hear the crying coming from the upstairs. I just wished that I could protect my family. I become too stressful during that dream; I even grind my own teeth! (Grinds teeth) When I wake up in the morning, all my teeth are cracked up! I usually try to forget about it, thinking that it's just a dream or I'm being paranoid, but I was actually attacked by these half-dead corpses before. Twice!

In the dark room

  • It's hard to see things.
  • What was that?
  • Ahh! Stop it! Help!

After escaping from the hands

  • Your weapons!
  • You're making me sweat.

In the eye-chamber

  • Wow. This chamber is bigger than my love for the songs of pretty birds!
  • Eh, Yeah. Don't worry about me. I'm perfectly, perfectly fine. Let's go, get up! (Falls down) Guh. Not gonna make it. You should go alone. I'm just a burden for you.

Back at the castle

  • Is Jake awake?
  • It's fine. That was my bad for hiding it.
  • Honey, I've got something terribly important to tell you!


Major characters

Minor characters



  • This is the first episode to completely focus on Princess Bubblegum and Lady Rainicorn.
  • This is the first time Princess Bubblegum was seen fighting in hand to hand combat.
  • Lady Rainicorn speaks English without using a Universal Translator for the first time, saying "I'm Pregnant!"
  • Ricardio briefly calls Ice King "Simon," a reference to Ice King's real name "Simon Petrikov."
  • The Ice King's new heart contains maracas.
  • Ricardio's new body consists of Ice King's living tissues.
  • Cinnamon Bun is seen on the title card.
  • the episode title "Lady & Peebles" came from the names Lady Rainicorn and Princess Bubblegum's nickname "Peebles".

Episode connections

  • Young Princess Bubblegum is seen in the title card.
  • In the promotional art, Lady Rainicorn is seen with some orange stripes, although in the show she has not been seen with orange stripes since the "Animated Short."
  • When Princess Bubblegum says "I know a thing or two about building a body out of bio-mass!" while fighting Ricardio, it is a reference to her creation of Goliad, Earl of Lemongrab and Stormo.
  • Jake had discussed the possibility of he and Lady Rainicorn having children in "Paper Pete".
  • Zanoits, which were mentioned in "Ricardio the Heart Guy," are used to poison Finn and Jake.


  • On the guide for Cartoon Network, Time Warner Cable, Verizon FiOS, and DIRECTV, the title for the episode is misprinted as "Lady and Pebbles".
  • When Ricardio says, "I just wanted to impress you," his left leg is still attached even though Princess Bubblegum had just ripped it off of him.
  • When Ricardio tosses Finn into the scene, the letters on his bucket read "ZANOTIS" for a few frames just as he hits the ground.

Cultural references

  • The interior of the cave with it's human body parts as an enemy is similar in premise to the 1966 movie Fantastic Voyage.
  • Ice King's "cuchi cuchi" dance is the same as the signature move of Spanish born actress, singer, and guitarist Maria Rosario Pilar Martinez Molina Baeza, better known as Charo.
  • Princess Bubblegum is called "Valkyrian," which pertains to the Valkyrie in Norse mythology.
  • Princess Bubblegum's use of a heart monitor to track and locate Finn and Jake is a reference to the film Alien.
  • Ricardio's new appearance and body were inspired by Majora's Incarnation in The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask.[1]

Production notes

Storyline analysis

  • In the beginning, when Princess Bubblegum used her heart signature machine to locate Finn and Jake, there were two regular size heart signatures on the screen ( Lady Raincorn and herself), but five additional ones near one of the regular heart signatures. This most likely indicate that Lady Rainicorn will have five children.
  • The "half-dead corpses" Lady Rainicorn said she was attacked by may be a reference to "From Bad to Worse" and "Slumber Party Panic."


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