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The labyrinth is a location featured in "The Limit." It is a stone maze that goes on for miles (Finn describes it as "yoga balls huge!") and ends at a shrine where Aquandrius lives. When some Hot Dog Knights get lost in the labyrinth, Hot Dog Princess sends some more to go rescue them. After the second group send up a distress signal, Finn and Jake volunteer to save them. When Jake suggests they stretch over the walls to the center, the plaque outside the maze warns, "NO CHEATING OR YOU DIE." To avoid getting lost themselves, Jake ties his legs to a trunk at the entrance of the maze and stretches the rest of his body into the labyrinth. He nearly dies because of the physical toll stretching has on his body, as well as the additional strain of keeping the others safe from the nefarious traps in the maze, such as a golem, a swarm of scorpions, and Aquandrius. In the room prior to the center of the maze, a sliding puzzle depicting a cat must be solved. Finally, one must successfully cross a floor riddled with deadly traps. Once the center is reached, Aquandrius will grant a single wish. Apparently, the wishes are intended to backfire; once Finn wishes for the Ancient Psychic Tandem War Elephant and saves Jake and the Hot Dog Knights, Aquandrius says that they were "supposed to die."


  • Jake using his stretchy legs to avoid getting lost is a reference to the way the mythological Greek hero Theseus avoided becoming lost in the Labyrinth that held the Minotaur. He tied one end of a ball of thread given to him by Ariadne, known in ancient times as a clue, to the entrance of the maze in order to find his way out once his quest was complete.
  • As pictured in the gallery, some of the walls of the Labyrinth spell "April." April can also be found written in runic code on a carton behind Ann in the Candy Drugstore.