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This article is about the game. You may be looking for the background song.

Kompy's Kastle is a video game that can be played on BMO or a portable game console as seen in "Who Would Win." The game revolves around moving from screen to screen and satisfying the title character's bloodlust. Jake seems to be very attached to the game and has the third highest score in the Candy Kingdom. In the co-op mode, one player plays as Kompy while the other clears obstacles to help Kompy proceed. This game is also Finn's favorite as Jake says in "Beyond this Earthly Realm." In the beginning of "Davey," Jake is seen playing it as Finn slays the Dragon.

Episodes featured[]


  • In "Who Would Win," Jake mentions that he has to play Kompy's Kastle constantly in order to maintain his third-place rank in the leaderboard.
  • This game is playable in the Beemo App.
  • The player in the Beemo App looks more like the player in "Guardians of Sunshine" than the player in the show.
  • The Beemo App does not have a co-op mode in the title screen.
  • The music playing in Kompy's Kastle of the Beemo App sounds like the title card music of "Guardians of Sunshine."
  • The co-op mode is similar to Gyromite's. In Gyromite, one player controls the scientist, and one player controls the obstacles to help the first player to get through the level.
  • It is shown on the screen to say "Krush It Kompy." This could be a reference to "Wreck-It Ralph."