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This article is a transcript of the Adventure Time episode "King Worm" from season 4, which aired on August 13, 2012.

This transcript is complete.


Princess Bubblegum: My king... [Finn's POV is viewed as he opens his eyes.] My king? [Lovingly] ...Wake up, husband.
Finn: [Small groan] What??
[Finn is revealed to be in the Candy Kingdom throne room and wearing a big crown.]
Banana Guards: Long live the king!
Finn: What... is... goin' on? [Finn's crown suddenly rises from his head.]
Princess Bubblegum: Hm. Not much.
Banana Guards: [Whose bodies are upside-down now] Long live the king!
Finn: Huh?!?
[A crowned worm rises on Princess Bubblegum's shoulder.]
King Worm: Wowowowowowow...
Finn: Hey... do I know you? [Finn reaches for it, but it quickly escapes.] Hey... I know that guy!
[Princess Bubblegum's face appears in the back of her head.]
Princess Bubblegum: [To Peppermint Butler] He doesn't know he's dreaming.
Finn: Huh? [Dream shift] Huh??
[Finn is now sitting in front of Flame Princess.]
Flame Princess: Come on, honey. Eat your soup.
Finn: ...Huh...? Wait, wait, wait...
Flame Princess: EAT IT NOW!!!
[Finn cautiously does so and smiles.]
[Dream shift]
Finn: Mmm... hmm... What kind of—AAAH! How... did we get here? [Flame Princess now has three mouths and is muttering incomprehensibly.] Uh... I'm good on the soup. Huh? [The spoon is now King Worm.] You!
[Flame Princess is now Peppermint Butler.]
Peppermint Butler: You haven't much time, sir.
Finn: What??
[Peppermint Butler now has a tiny head jutting from his body.]
Second peppermint head: You are trapped in a dream.
Peppermint Butler: And you are in danger. [Finn scowls. Peppermint Butler's face get's scratched off. His hand starts talking.] You need to find this worm and break it.
Finn: Find the worm? But... you've got 'im right there! [Gasps]
[The worm is once again the spoon. Phil appears in Peppermint Butler's pants.]
Phil: Satori!
[Peppermint Butler throws the spoon at Finn, who is now in the library.]
Finn: Huh? Huh? Huh? [Finn notices Jake in a window in a bookshelf. He's struggling to wrap a present.] Jake?
[Next to him is Lady Rainicorn. She starts blowing tape out her "tape hole."]
Lady Rainicorn: [Speaking English; incredibly deep voice] Hold down the tape until it fully sticks to the paper.
Jake: Like this?
Lady Rainicorn: Yes, but now try holding it higher.
Jake: Like this?
Lady Rainicorn: You need more tape. [Dispenses more tape out of her hole.] Use this. [Jake takes the tape and wraps it around the present.] Now, tape the bottom.
[Jake does so.]
Jake: Who's it for?
Lady Rainicorn: Who's it for?
Jake: .....It's for... um...
[A transparent Finn glides in front of Finn saying, "It's for meeee!"]
Lady Rainicorn: Play this.
Jake: [Taking viola] Uh... okay.
[Jake starts playing terribly. A music note comes out of the viola and becomes the worm.]
Finn: The worm! [Another transparent Finn glides across the real one saying, "The worm!" in an incredibly high-pitched voice. Finn tries to catch it but it goes into a mouse hole.] [Impatiently] Worm... worm... Woyyym! Worm!!
Jake: Finn! Aw, man, is it really you?
Finn: [Turns around] Jake? [Looks at mousehole] Yeah. I think so. [Feels himself] Yep.
Jake: I'm trapped in this dream, and I can't wake up!
Finn: Me, too! I was just in some other part of the dream with Princess Bubblegum and Flame Princess.
Jake: Make-out dreams? Nice...
Finn: What?! [Floats towards Jake] No, it wasn't like that!
Jake: Hey, I won't judge.
[Lady gapes at Finn making a deep noise.]
Finn: ...Lady's got two mouths...
Jake: Mm-hmm. I don't think she's real.
Finn: Weird... [He feels her "tape hole." Jake pinches him.] Ouch! What was that for?
Jake: Just wanted to make sure you were real. Our dreams must be linked for some reason.
Finn: Whoa... Well... Pep-but told me we gotta find that worm that crawled through that hole and break it. [Scratches head] [Speaking incredibly fast] In my dream— [Speaking normally] In my dream... suddenly, an unimaginably amazing sword appeared in front of me able to blast the hole open. [The sword appears.] Rad! [Laughs] I usually dream of messed-up stuff, like a shark tryina' bite off my face.
[The blade of the sword turns into a shark. The shark roars like a lion. Finn shrieks, and the air behind him begins to crack.]
Jake: Careful! If you grunk up the dreamscape with your subconscious fears, the whole thing'll blow apart!
Finn: Ohhh.
Jake: Just shrink down like me.
[The Shark Sword disappears.]
Finn: And then I shrunk down like Jake. [Does so]
[Finn and Jake enter the mouse hole. Scene shifts to a tunnel underground. As Finn and Jake talk, their voices echo as if they were in metal chambers.]
Finn: How do you know so much about dreams and stuff?
Jake: 'Cuz I sleep a lot.
Finn: Heh heh. Oh, yeah.
[Finn and Jake emerge from a hole in the ground, apparently normal size now. Ice King comes up to them after going in the opposite direction over a mountain.]
Ice King: Fionna, Cake, I need your help!
Finn: What??
Jake: What did you say??
Ice King: I really did it this time! They're loose, and they're coming for us!
Finn: Who?
[Quacks are heard from far away. A monster composed entirely of merged penguins appears.]
Finn & Jake: AAH!
[They both run away. Ice King simply runs in circles.]
[Dream shift.]
Finn: Dad??
[Joshua is seen sitting nearby.]
Jake: Help us!
[He says nothing. Jake and Finn look at each other.]
Finn: Maybe he's not really... real.
[Finn and Jake stop in front of him.]
Jake: Dad, are you okay?
[Joshua wordlessly opens a case and gets yarn and knitting needles out. He starts knitting a scarf.]
Finn: That scarf looks... familiar...
Jake: Yeah...
[The scarf turns into the full sized King Worm. It quickly crawls away.]
Finn: Man! The worm is fast!
Jake: Yeah, it's nuts! Fast as nuts.
Finn: Well, let's catch it with... [Finn and Jake make their legs bigger.] ...some big ol' legs!
Jake: Well... that's kinda boring for me... 'cuz that's my normal power, you know?
Finn: Then you get... birds!
[Jake is now able to fly, with the lower half of his body being a bird. They pursue the worm up a mountain. It starts raining Lumpy Space Princesses. Finn falls.]
Finn: Ay ay ay ay ay!
Jake: Remember, this is just a dream! Keep climbing!
[They go further up the mountain to the snowy part. It's now snowing Lumpy Space Princesses. Finn and Jake find a frozen King Worm.]
Finn: Now what?
Jake: Break it!
[A rock falls from the sky. Finn and Jake use it to shatter the worm. As they put the rock down, the dream itself melts into nothingness. Finn and Jake are now in bed, awaking with a start. BMO wakes up because of the noise, then goes back to charging its battery.]
Finn: Jake, are you okay?
Jake: Yeah. Are you?
Finn: Yeah. I'm okay.
Finn & Jake: We did it!
Jake: Yeah, yeah, yeah!
Finn: Yeah, yeah, yeah! ...Hmm. [Noticing his reflection] Was that... was that mirror always like that? [They walk to the mirror.] I'm pretty sure this is not normal.
Jake: [Now having a big human nose] Nope, it's fine.
Finn: AAH! [A cup falls and shatters on the ground, then rises up un-shattered, repeatedly.] Jake, I think we're still dreaming!
Jake: Nah, it's just dream residue. Forget about it.
Finn: [His reflection floats away.] You sure know a lot about dream stuff... [Looks closer at him.] You pinched me earlier, but I never pinched you.
[Finn chases Jake. The floor suddenly becomes the wall.]
Jake: [Calmly] Everything's normal. [Finn pinches him. Jake starts to melt.] [Voice getting lower] Everything's norrrmaaaal....
[Dream shift to the entrance room.]
Finn: It's still a dream. Hmmm... Huh?!
[Jake's remains suddenly turn into a laughing King Worm. Finn gasps.]
King Worm: Hey, guys... [Chuckles]
Transparent Finn: Hey, guys!
[Finn tries to throw the shattered, but now un-shattered cup at the worm, but it simply goes around him and comes back at Finn.]
Finn: Why're you jankin' up my dreamscape!?
King Worm: [Calmly] Listen, don't worry about it.
Finn: [In disbelief] WHAT?!
King Worm: You can't defeat me... I'm the king worm. I'm going to keep you in this dreamscape until I've consumed... all your... [Smaller version of himself appears in his mouth]
Smaller King Worm: ...Life energy!
Finn: My life energy?! I use that! Aaagh! [Finn charges. His actions are now being represented via a "long, undulating snake."] Wait... something's wrong. I'm missing something. [Furious] Worm!! [Suddenly discouraged] Oh, man... I'm gonna be stuck here... forever.
[The air again cracks. The crack reaches the ceiling and the ceiling begins to crack. A piece of the ceiling falls and hits King Worm on the head.]
King Worm: Ouch! Hey, guys!
Transparent Finn: Hey, guys!
King Worm: Knock it off!
Finn: Huh?
Pictured Jake: Psst. If you grunk up the dreamscape with your subconscious fears, the whole thing'll blow apart!
Finn: Hmm? Oh, yeah! Thanks, dream Jake! [Smashes him with a jug; the picture frame becomes many tiny Jakes. Finn's actions once again become a "long, undulating snake."] GET READY TO EAT IT!
King Worm: Wowowowowowowow...
Finn: Okay, Finn... Concentrate. Deepest... gut... fears!
[The camera pans into Finn's mouth, and fades into black. A baby Finn is seen. "Kitty!" Fear Feaster opens a case. Finn gasps. He's now inside of a green room which resembles King Worm. Water starts pouring out of his belly button.]
Finn: Oh, gross! [A small fish pops out, too. Finn tastes the water.] The ocean. [Finn starts panicking and screaming.] Okay... Okay, that wasn't so bad. [The Lich pops out of his belly button.] AAAAH!! OH, GLOB! THE LICH!!
King Worm: [Now shriveled up] [Coughs] Hey, why don't you sit down, or pass out or something?
Finn: NEVER!!!
[The Lich laughs maniacally, hurling fire balls at Finn. Princess Bubblegum comes out of Finn's belly.]
Finn: Bubblegum! WAAA-HOOO!
Princess Bubblegum: Finn, shush! I'm having coffee with the Lich. You wouldn't understand. You're too young. [Her cup of coffee suddenly explodes with the Lich's power.]
[Finn screams in utter terror. King Worm coughs.]
[Finn's bed legs suddenly come out of his belly button. Finn lays in the bed in helpless fright as the Ghost Lady comes towards him. Finn falls out of the bed and lays on the floor panting.]
Finn: [To King Worm, who is now incredibly shriveled up] Had enough... destabilization?
King Worm: I don't... [Coughs] ...know what you're talking about...
[A clown pops out of Finn's belly button.]
Clown: I'm a clown!
[Finn lets out a small scream.]
King Worm: Well, that's that.
[The dreamscape finally gets destroyed. Finn is now in the entrance room with Jake, in front of King Worm, surrounded by smaller worms. The small worms vanish.]
King Worm: I don't feel so good.
Finn: GET OUT OF MY HOUSE, KING WORM!!!!!!! [King Worm groans and exits.] [To Jake] Is it really you... this time?
Jake: Yeah, mans. Actual Jake.
Finn: Cool... [Pinching Jake] Pinch.
Jake: Ow, man, come on!
Finn: I'm just checkin'! ...Just checkin'.
[The episode ends.]