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This article is about the character. You may be looking for the episode.

King Worm is the king of Worms. He makes his first appearance at the end of the episode "Evicted!"

He hypnotizes Finn and Jake by using green beams of light that shoot out of his eyes, and then commands them to hug him. He makes another appearance in the eponymous episode "King Worm," where it is shown that he can use the beam to trap his victims in a dreamscape prison and drain them of their life energy. The only way to break free is to have your deepest fears appear on the dream plane, which causes the realm to destabilize and turn the King Worm into a shriveled husk. His status and location after the episode are unknown, but he is presumed dead.


The King Worm's body is long, with light and dark green stripes. He has a relativity large head and wears a small gold crown.


Oh hey, guys. Come here, friends. Hug me! Wowowowowow. Ah, yeah. Hug me.


You can't defeat me. I'm the King Worm. I'm going to keep you in this dreamscape... until I've consumed... all your... life energy.

—"King Worm"

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  • He says the phrase, "Hey, guys..." even while talking to one person.
  • His original name was "Worm King" until the showing of the episode.
  • He plays as the mini-boss in every level in Break the Worm.


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