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This house (referred to as King Man's "tower of light" and “trash palace” in "Sons of Mars") is the home of the character King Man, formerly known as "Magic Man". This location appears in the episode "Sons of Mars", the title card for "All the Little People", and the promotional artwork for "Time Sandwich". Finn theorizes that this house represents Magic Man's chaotic, tormented psyche. In the episode "Normal Man", Normal Man leaves his house to return to Mars as its new ruler.

King Man previously kept a Tiny Manticore in a bottle in this house, before he is freed by Finn. However, in "Temple of Mars", the Tiny Manticore is seen residing in the house.

In "Bespoken For", it was revealed that Betty Grof, since her transformation into a Wizard, had taken up residence in the dilapidated shack. However, when she is transported to Mars in "Skyhooks II", the house is left empty and ownerless.


Yes, welcome to my tower of light! Everyone is welcome to share this magic kingdom. Squirrels, black mold, worms, poison ivy... tiny manticore!

Magic Man, "Son of Mars"

The house is in an obvious state of disrepair, with boxes labeled "DIRT" containing plants littering the floor. There are bottles and garbage scattered all around the house. Plants are growing on the inside and the outside of the house. There is also a spot where King Man blows his nose. The house is also home to rats, black mold, worms and poison ivy. On a lower level of the house is a Martian transporter, which was given to King Man by his older siblings when they banished him to Earth.


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