Key Person is one of Ice King's household objects that was brought to life by Ancient Sleeping Magi of Life Giving in the episode, "Friends Forever." He is able to unlock Drawer Dresser Person's bottom drawer. He unlocked the bottom drawer the help Drawer Dresser Person show everyone his diapers and locked Ice King's crown away so that he couldn't use his powers.


Key Person appears to be a key with eyes, a mouth, arms, and legs.


Key Person seems to show off a less intellectual personality compared to everyone else during the episode. He shows off a mean personality by helping Drawer Dresser Person to embarrass Ice King and he stole Ice King's crown.


  • He can be seen first coming out of at first what was thought to be a door way his size, but then it was discovered that key Person was the smallest character there, so what he came out of is unknown.


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