Kee Oth Rama Pancake is a spell that banishes the Blood Demon Kee-Oth, in the episode "Dad's Dungeon." Utilizing the spell consists of speaking the phrase "Kee Oth Rama Pancakes" and moving one's hands in motions relative to the incantation. Joshua is the only known successful user of this spell, and when he chants it, Kee-Oth becomes engulfed in flames and is banished back to his dimension. Joshua uses it to banish Kee-Oth in "Dad's Dungeon," when Kee-Oth demands his blood back from Jake's family sword in a pre-recorded message. Finn and Jake use the same pre-recorded chant to banish Kee-Oth when he confronts them later on in the same episode.

In the episode "Play Date," Finn and Jake try to recite Kee-Oth's banishment chant when they discover that he has been accidentally summoned into the Tree Fort by Ice King and Abracadaniel due to Ice King speaking out the runic phrase inscribed on the sword's hilt:


—Joshua's demon-blood sword's hilt's summoning spell for Kee-Oth the blood demon

Kee-Oth interrupts Finn and Jake's banishment chant, threatening to kill his hostages, Ice King, and Abrecadaniel if Finn and Jake attempt to fully recite the banishment-phrase.


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