K.K.W. Enterprises is a real estate agency and property management business owned by Kim Kil Whan. Its subsidiaries include K.K.W. Realty and K.K.W. Property Management. Kim Kil Whan has been in the real estate business since at least the events of "Ocarina", when he buys the Tree Fort, but the company proper first appears in "Wheels", when Jake attends the corporate Picnicathlon, a social sporting event for the company's employees. It later appears in "The First Investigation", when Kim Kil Whan sends one of his employees to assess the office previously belonging to his grandparents Joshua and Margaret.

All employees of K.K.W. Enterprises wear the company uniform, which is a red sweater with the company logo embroidered on the front in gold. The company logo also appears to be engraved into the top of Kim Kil Whan's house.


The company seems to mostly consist of forest animals, including squirrels, rabbits, raccoons, and frogs. 

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