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Jungle Princess makes a cameo in "What is Life?" and appears in the title card in "Loyalty to the King." Near the end of the episode, she can be seen in an aerial view when Jake is using his ear-shield to push through the princesses. According to the events in "Princess Day," she is a registered princess. She never had a speaking role in any episodes.


She has teal skin and long dark purple hair in a tall up-do with several bumps. Her "dress" is made of dark brown leather or possibly fur, and her body is covered in ceremonial paint. It is also notable that Jungle Princess is one of the curvier female humanoids, resembling Fionna and Flame Princess. She has a little golden crown resting on a white skull with a green spot in her hair, which also is probably part of the crown. Her dress resembles a brown bikini and looks like it was handmade due to the torn edges. She also has golden bracelets on her wrists, the upper parts of her arms, the lower part of her right leg, and the upper part of her left leg.


  • According to designer Natasha Allegri, Jungle Princess was originally supposed to be named "Cavewoman Princess."[1]
  • In her cameo appearance in "What is Life?" as part of the Ice king's Imagination Zone, she has brown hair instead of purple, pale-blue skin, no body paint, a green dress instead of brown, boots, and the skull on her head does not have a tiny crown or paint on its forehead.
  • She has never talked in any episode.
  • She is Natasha Allegri's favorite non-humanoid character design.[2]
  • Like many other minor princesses, it is unknown which kingdom she rules.
  • The short story named "Forest Princess Gets A Pet", from Adventure Time Vol. 4: Bitter Sweets, is about Jungle Princess.