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Jumping Finn is an Adventure Time game released on that was originally released on in early August 2011 before it appeared on the official US site. Later, it is released to be able to be played at iOS and Android devices. It is currently available on the App Store for $1.99. It is also available via Google Play, for $2.27. In the iOS and Android versions, its title was renamed to Super Jumping Finn in the UK and Jumping Finn Turbo in the US.


Princess Bubblegum is captured by the Ice King and Jake needs to kick Finn up in the air to reach the Ice King's home. The player must keep Finn in the air by using boosts and power-ups. One can earn badges for getting power-ups or reaching distance and height levels. The game ends when Finn flies through the Ice King's castle and saves the princess.



  • Upgrade Kick Power: Increases the power of Jake's initial kick
  • Upgrade Kick: Increases the amount of times Jake can kick Finn in mid-air
  • Upgrade Bounce: Increases the number of times Finn can bounce off of Jake
  • Fan; Helps Finn stay in air
  • Rainbow with Cloud: When hit, Finn is launched
  • Marceline: Hits Finn with her Ax bass, launching him
  • Birds: Carry Finn
  • Lady Rainicorn: Finn can ride her to go up
  • Meteor: If Finn touches it, he rides it fast and far
  • Blastronaut: When hit, Finn is launched, just like Rainbow with Cloud
  • Lord Monochromicorn: Is offered after all upgrades are maxed out, similar action as Lady Rainicorn, but he goes higher than Lady


  1. Reach the stars
  2. Reach the planets
  3. Float in space
  4. Be as fast as a cannonball
  5. Be as fast as a light beam
  6. Fall as hard and turn into an asteroid
  7. Hit five clouds in one flight
  8. Rise five comets in one flight
  9. Travel five times with birds in one flight
  10. Get one kick in the rear by Jake
  11. Get five kicks by Jake in one flight
  12. Bounce on Jake
  13. Bounce on Jake six times
  14. Receive max power on a kick
  15. Get Finn buried in the ground
  16. Land in the Desert
  17. Land in the Frozen Land
  18. Rescue the Princess
  19. Unlock all upgrades
  20. Get max on all upgrades
  21. Explosive kick (iOS and Android only)



  • In the beginning, Jake calls the Ice Kingdom the "Frozen Land." The term is also used again in the description of a badge.
  • According to the game,the Ice Castle is 9 kilometers (5.6 miles) from the Tree Fort.
  • If Finn goes high enough to reach space (600 meters), you will see him put on a space helmet, but his helmet falls off when he leaves space.
  • If the player goes too high and Finn starts to fall too fast, he might become a meteor and become buried into the ground. This will earn you an achievement, but also end the current round immediately. The player can use Jake's kicks to slow Finn down if they do not want this to happen.
    • When Finn falls fast enough to be a meteor, he isn't wearing his backpack, but he is wearing it when he hits the ground.
  • Unlike most of the Adventure Time games, you can only win in-game badges that cannot be shown on your profile.
  • If you go high enough, the background resembles Lumpy Space with floating, upside-down lands and trees.
  • This game was later released to be able to play at iOS and Android devices. The game play is almost the same, but instead of "Fan," there is "Blastronaut" (Hitman Hitman from the episode "Hitman"), which will blast Finn to help him go higher.
  • When played at iOS and Android devices, you can kick Finn unlimited times, but Jake's kick has cool time delay. Upgrading Jake's kick will reduce the time needed to recharge Jake's kick. Also, Jake's bounce can be used only one time, and upgrading Jake's bounce will help Finn bounce higher and faster.
  • Opening and Ending are different when it is played at iOS or Android devices. When you play this at CN homepage, opening and ending are comic book styles. However, at iOS or Android devices, opening and ending are series of pictures without any speech bubbles.
  • Gunter appears frequently when Finn is in mid-air. The player has to tap Gunter before Gunter freezes Finn and makes him slower.


  • The descriptions of the bird, cloud, and comet badges all say you must use them six times in a single flight; however, the badge images have "x5" and the badges are gained after using each boost five times.
  • Marceline is seen in broad daylight without her umbrella, hat, gloves, or boots.
  • Despite the game's title, Finn is actually flying through the air instead of jumping.