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The "Journal Song" was a song sung by Marceline in "Marceline's Closet." It was made to be the lead song in a concept album that was based on Marceline's journal. It was a new concept album based on 500 years of her journal entries. She wanted to make this song a part of her "most emotional album ever"—so private that she wouldn't let anyone else listen to it.


The song was written by Jesse Moynihan, who, with Ako Castuera, also wrote and storyboarded the episode in which it appeared. The song was inspired by composer Louis Andriessen's piece "De Staat" with a wandering, non-repeating melody. Jesse also wrote an alternate song that was straight pop, but Pendleton Ward liked this song better.[1]


Hello, journal, it's me,
It's been a while since we've talked
About my life and stuff.
Let's start with my feelings about my friends.
Oh, wait, I don't have friends!
There's a whole lot to me and I can't reveal
Because they don't know what it's like to
Live... for-...
Ever... and for-
Get who you even are and
What do you even think about anything?
How can anyone relate to me
When they cannot see what I see?
My vampire eyes see only blood... red... skies;
Blood red skies make tears inside that I always hide.
So, I walk alone...
In... my... mental home,
I can't let on—



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