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Joshua and Margaret's old office is a location seen in the episodes "Joshua and Margaret Investigations" and "The First Investigation". This is the house where Finn, Jake, and Jermaine lived with their parents before they moved into another house. It is now the workplace (and possible home) of Jake's son T.V., as revealed during the character montage in "Come Along With Me".



The building is painted a light shade of red. There is a stone staircase that leads to the door. Moss is growing all over the walls, and the windows are partially broken.


The ground is made of wooden paneling, and the walls are the same color as the front of the house. There is a vase with a somewhat old plant in it on a table near the two doors.

Living Room

The living room has wooden paneling that is thinner than the paneling in the entrance. There is a coffee table, a bookshelf, a red carpet, a green couch, and a futon with a red comforter and white pillows.


The kitchen is rarely seen, but it has a tiled floor and old-fashioned saloon doors.

Dining Room

The dining room is similar to the living room because it has thin wooden paneling for floors, a bookshelf, and a wooden table. But it also has a cabinet with an assortment of glasses.


The bathroom has checkerboard floors and pink walls. There is a broken mirror with a note that says "You Look GREAT!", a toilet, and a painting of a blue cat.


The basement connects to the house with a wooden staircase. The walls and floor is made of cement, and there is a grey couch.


  • The left side of the building appears to be a separate apartment not owned by Joshua and Margaret.
  • The basement is only seen in the comic books.
    • According to Issue 48, there is a secret dungeon underneath the office.