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This article is about the location. You may be looking for the episode.

Joshua's dungeon is a dungeon that Joshua made for Finn. Joshua explained this to Jake by saying Jake, really this dungeon is for Finn. I know I won't be around forever and I wanna make something that'll force Finn to toughen up. Finn and Jake go through its trials in the episode "Dad's Dungeon". The entrance to the dungeon is covered by a Dumb Rock, located 80 paces west of the Tree Fort. It is full of traps and monsters, and has many different catacombs in it. Joshua put Jake's family sword, the Demon Sword, at the end of the dungeon as incentive for the two to face its trials.


First room[]

The first room of Joshua's dungeon was inhabited by the Hamburger Monster and the Hot Dog Monster.

Flower Path[]

The Flower Path is one of the two choices in a forked path within the dungeon; the alternate path is the Ugly Monster's path. Fruit Witches inhabit it along with a large dining table covered with magic food.


The chamber is the last location in the dungeon that Finn and Jake go to. It is the darkest room they visit. There is construction equipment scattered around, signs that Joshua built the dungeon with these tools, two missiles which can be seen next to two cranes, and a golden scarab with a jewel for a back that is on the wall. Its only inhabitant is the Evil Monster, and Jake's family sword is chained and stuck to a crystal in the middle of the room. The center of the chamber has a large pit to contain the evil monster.

Former dungeon inhabitants[]