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Johnnie is LSP's boyfriend in the episode "Bad Timing." He is the owner of a company that bottles and distributes lumpy space gas. Johnnie attempts to establish a contract with the Candy Kingdom, but fails when he is warped into an unknown dimension by Princess Bubblegum's time travel machine.


He is a Lumpy Space Person with blue skin. He used to be hunched over until LSP convinced him to sit up straight so she could see him again and he remained upright for the remainder of "Bad Timing." He is a former classmate of Lumpy Space Princess, so it can be assumed they are around the same age.


Johnnie was originally a timid person with little self-confidence. He also stated that he was bad at talking with others, making him nervous for his upcoming meeting with Princess Bubblegum. Johnnie's personality may have been a result of LSP's bullying while they were in high school.

However, somewhat ironically, Johnnie's personality undergoes a positive change after he enters a relationship with the princess in "Bad Timing." After following LSP's suggestions, Johnnie gains a higher self-esteem and becomes more confident in his speech.

Overall, Johnnie is a kind and considerate individual to everyone around him. This is seen when he allows LSP to stay at his home as he didn't want her walking home late in the evening. Johnnie is also very soft-spoken and polite when interacting with others.


  • He is now inside of an unknown dimension which is basically a one-way mirror; he can see people in Ooo, but they can't see him. 
  • The one-way mirror is explained when Ice King notices his powers on the T.V.