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This is a diner that is one of the main settings for the episode "Ring of Fire", and it is located in the Tiny Mammal Kingdom.


The diner has four blue windows, and a grey door in the middle. On the door is an oval-shaped white spot and a small blue window. On top is a big red sign that says "DINER" and below it in smaller text is the word "OPEN". The design of this diner (on the inside) is pretty standard, with a black-and-white checkerboard floor, red booths, and red bar stools next to the bar.


Although the outside simply names the restaurant "Diner", the menu shown on the inside shows a logo with the words "Jenny's Diner". The menu shown on the wall shows that this diner serves Breakfast, Lunch, and Drinks (among other things, possibly). The only visible food on the menu is "Coddled Egg", which is under the Lunch section. There is also something under the breakfast section that costs 2.00 of some currency, and there is another food under the lunch section titled "Miniature _ees" (there is a letter that is blocked from sight).


  • There is no way of knowing how long this Diner has been in business, but it was there at the time Tree Trunks was graduating High School.
  • This is the location where Tree Trunk's first husband, Randy, proposed to her.