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Jaybird[1] is a character in the episode "Apple Thief." He's the leader of the evil team of Wormo and Smudge who steal diamonds. His group is an enemy of Dr. J's group. He first confronts Finn and Jake outside the Candy Tavern, where the bartender had informed him that they were looking for "apples." He instructs Smudge to "show 'em the apples." Smudge then puts a trashcan on Jake while the bartender holds Tree Trunks and Finn. He then tells Finn to "go back and you tell your boss to stop lookin' for those apples," assuming that the group is working for Dr. J. He later instructs his group to grab Finn, Jake, and Tree Trunks even after they had made it clear to Wormo they weren't after diamonds. Jaybird seems excited by the prospect of feeding the trio to the pig.


He looks like Dr. J, except for green skin and freckles. He appears to be an inverted ice cream scoop. He wears monogrammed red high-top sneakers.