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Jay T. Doggzone (last name sometimes spelled as "Dawgzone") is the author of the book Mind Games, which focuses on how to get women, and likely the pen name of Jake.

Finn and the Ice King have tried to use Dawgzone's advice to get women, but Jake accuses the book of being full of bad advice, as seen in "Reign of Gunthers", and that he just keeps the book as a joke. There is no record of Doggzone's face being shown in the book, but he appears in the official artwork of Jesse Moynihan which shows Finn reading the book.

On the back cover is an author photo where he appears to be wearing a hat, glasses and a thick coat. In this episode, the book cover shows the name spelled "Dawgzone" instead of "Doggzone," as it would appear later.

In "The Suitor", Braco's grandfather has a copy of "Mind Games" with him in his tomb.

In "Come Along with Me", BMO has a copy of "Mind Games" on his bookshelf in his home as "King of Ooo."


In the episode "All the Little People", when Finn is playing with the "little we's" as he calls them, Jake asks to see the little him. The miniature Jake is sitting alone behind a book which, if observed closely, is written by Jay T. Doggzone. The passage reads:

"Now to be clear, Jay T. Doggzone does not condone random flirtation with wanton babes, but rather careful consideration of which lovely honey gives your heart the bu-bumps. Cause it's all about the bu-bumps. Secondly, you got to remember to be smooth, no bodacious babe belongs with a bumbling baby beau bereft of bravado."

This is repeated on the page four times. At the beginning of the same episode, Jake tells Finn "It's all about the bu-bumps in your heart," further implying that he has a connection to Jay T. Doggzone. 

In "The Pit", a dizzy Jake starts to introduce himself to Samantha as "Jay T..." before correcting it to "Jake," implying he might be Jay T. Doggzone. Also in the episode, Jake can be heard saying, " ...saying JTD won't change his doggy ways..." on the tape he made for Lady Rainicorn.


The Jay T. Dawgzone theories are further backed up by the official Adventure Time YouTube channel. In Jake's "Mysteries of Ooo" section, the narrator states that Jay T. Doggzone is Jake's pen name.