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This character is from another universe. They are living or lived in a different timeline somewhere in the multiverse.
This article is about Farmworld character. You may be looking for the Pillow World character.

Jay Mertens is the son of Finn Mertens who exists in the Farmworld timeline. He is secretly in a relationship with Little Destiny. He shares the same name of his Pillow World counterpart, and bares a resemblance to him too.

He claims to help Fionna, Cake and Simon to prevent them from being killed by the Clan of Destiny, despite his father's warnings. He then takes them home upon hearing that they are looking for the magic crown that his father Finn once wore. At night he decides to take the three of them to the crater where the remains of the crown are located, since once his drunken father told him where he was.

There in the crater he meets his girlfriend and they kiss. He says that when he met her he gave her one of the gems of the crown as a gift. Soon they are caught by the clan and discover that unknowingly the gem was what sickened Little Destiny.

Jay offers to be stabbed by Little Destiny so she will see that he never meant to harm her. She believes in him and together they fight the clan until Finn's arrival. Finn stays to fight before being stabbed in the head by Scarab.

In "Cheers", Prismo sends them to help Fionna and Cake. Finally the two decide to stay and live there, leaving behind Farmworld


Jay Mertens is a boy in his mid-teens with blonde hair, a small, prominent nose, and eyes that look similar to that of his father's.

His attire consists of a long sleeved white shirt, a white sash, a green cape, blue jeans that end on his shins, a black knee pad on his right knee, and red-orange boots.