James's apartment is a house in the Candy Kingdom which was housed by the Jameses which was created by Princess Bubblegum. It is only seen in "James II" when Finn goes to get James' stuff when he thinks they are dead but finds out that they faked their death. James does not live there anymore, so it is unknown who does now. James II called it "Jamestown."


It looks like a rectangular three layered cake. The bottom tier is orange and the other tiers are lighter than the last. There is a candy like stripe between each tier and at the top is a red border. For the entrance there is a rectangular cake that goes vertical in the middle at the entrance with a peppermint at the top. There are smaller peppermints on top of each window.

The inside has a chocolate tiling cake with white icing in the middle. There is a blue carpet with a yellow border in the middle in front of an orange couch. Beside the couch is a green table with a cotton candy plant on it and a bowl of snacks. The walls are pink and there is a blue clock on the wall. There are stairs with pictures or paintings on it.


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