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"Jakesuit" was an unproduced episode for the first season of Adventure Time.

In March 2009, early in the production of the first season, Frederator Studios posted story notes for "Jakesuit" on the Adventure Time blog and Tumblr. It is unknown why the episode was scrapped. The episode had something to do with Finn wearing Jake.[1]

Adam Muto has confirmed that the idea of a Jakesuit eventually worked its way into "The Silent King."[2]


In "The Silent King," Finn jumped into Jake's mouth, and he wore Jake as his disguise and armor, which appears to be part of the premise of the un-produced episode. The Jakesuit reappeared in Issue 1 of the comic book series. A similarly-titled episode in season five called "Jake Suit" features a plot in which Jake is tired of Finn wearing him, and he wants to trade places.[3]


The episode, judging from the image above, seemed to be about Finn wearing Jake as a suit to pretend to be a wizard, and they befriend a farm girl. Finn and Jake end up working at the farm and have to defend it from a greedy alien leprechaun.


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