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"Jake vs. Me-Mow" is the sixteenth episode in the third season of Adventure Time. It's the sixty-eighth episode overall.


Me-Mow, a tiny assassin cat, hides in Jake's nose and orders him to kill Wildberry Princess or face death by injecting poison.


The episode starts off with Wildberry Princess humming and making meat filled pies for Finn and Jake in her bungalow. As she bends down to place her oven mitt in the drawer, she notices a tiny opening on one of her pies, but disregards it and carries it to the table. Wildberry thanks the two for answering her summons, as she speaks of someone trying to kill her. Although she states that it was 'no big deal', Finn corrects her and says that it is a big deal and demands details. Wildberry complies and goes to a retrieve a note sent by the Guild of Assassins, which she says was "stabbed to [her]" The note states "Princess Wildberry, we're going to assassinate you. G.O.A." Finn vows that he and Jake will protect her, Jake however continues to gobble on his pie, and says that he thinks that there's a monster who lives in his stomach, which is the reason why he's hungry all the time. Finn becomes disgusted and goes outside to continue his conversation with Wildberry Princess.

While Jake remains inside, he eyes Wildberry's pie and begins to consume it. In the middle of the pie, he sees a tiny cat. The tiny cat leaps on his nose and threatens him with a tiny poison syringe, Jake realizes that this is the assassin, who then introduces herself as Me-Mow, a second class assassin. She tells him she will graduate to full membership if she assassinates a princess. Since Jake had blown her cover she orders him to be the one to kill Wildberry Princess. Jake refuses and says he would rather be injected with poison, but with Me-Mow having the poison in hand, Jake retracts his statement and claims he would assassinate the princess. Me-Mow then climbs into Jake's nostril to watch the deed be done and threatened that if Jake tried to trick her, she would poison him.

When Finn and Wildberry return, Jake tries to convince Wildberry Princess being killed would not be so bad, but this only scares her and causes Finn to become suspicious. Jake apologizes and nervously tries to think of an idea. He spots a bag of meat and carries Wildberry's crown to it. He then punches the bag of meat as Me-Mow watches from above. Afterward Jake proclaims that he will carry her to the window, upon reaching the window he lets the bag of meat drop to the ground below. He exclaims that "Wildberry Princess is dead!" The cat is impressed and is about to exit the nostril, when the voices of the berry guards exclaim how happy they are that Wildberry Princess is alive, as they had seen the bag of meat with her crown laying on the ground. Angry at the reveal, Me-Mow injects Jake with half the poison as punishment for tricking her, and says that he will die in thirty minutes unless he kills the princess, in which case she will give him the antidote. Jake tries to tell Finn about the tiny cat, but Me-Mow threatens to inject the rest of the poison in Jake's brain if he said anything further.

Jake's next idea is to have Finn sing their mom's lullaby. Finn is embarrassed to sing the lullaby with an audience but does so. Jake shoves two sausages in his ears as the song lulls Wildberry, the guards and Me-Mow to sleep. Jake frantically tries to tell Finn about the assassination, then attempts to once again tell of the situation by writing out "Cat → Nose" with pie filling. Finn misinterprets this as a request for him to make a cat noise as there was a short line between the letters "o" and "s" and thus does so, meowing so loudly that Jake has to toss Finn out the window to keep Me-Mow asleep. As the tiny assassin sleeps in his nostrils she talks about double-crossing Jake after the deed. Jake takes the opportunity to shrink his hand and try to reach the antidote only to have an angry Finn return and question him, waking Me-Mow who injects another shot of poison. Jake tries to defuse the confusing situation by suggesting that they take Wildberry somewhere safer.

The three arrive at a high cliff side and Jake instructs Finn to stand guard facing away from the cliff while he stands beside Wildberry near the ledge. As Wildberry teeters on the edge, Jake's arms are outstretched to push her with Me-Mow encouraging him. At that moment a blue bird flies past and spots the sausage still in Jake's ear and hungrily dives for it only to crash into his head, resulting in Me-Mow tumbling from his nostril and landing in front of Finn's feet. With Me-Mow revealed, Finn now realizes what has been happening and faces the tiny assassin and threatens to kill her if Jake dies, he orders her to hand over the antidote. She refuses and is up to the challenge. Despite the attacks with a tiny dagger, Finn is only amused at the tiny assassin. Me-Mow slices Finn's cheek, but he is not bothered, saying "You're only making my face look cooler!" She jumps for his eyes, intending to blind him, only to have Finn simply blow her away. She smacks against a tree and is held there with Finn's palm. Finn then asks for Me-Mow's Antidote, but she smashes it and happily tells him that she gave Jake enough poison to kill a dog fifty times his size. The two come to a realization that Jake can stretch his liver fifty-one times the mentioned size and detoxify his body before dying, which he then does. At Finn's inquiry as to Jake's health, Jake makes up an impromptu song: Big Liver. Me-Mow vents her frustration causing her tail to become unkempt, but Wildberry says that she could be a royal pet. Infuriated, Me-Mow responds by leaping at the princess to kill her, but at the last moment the princess pops her berries and Me-Mow soars off the cliff. While Finn compliments her on her defensive ability, Wildberry Princess tells them it is actually a medical condition and she needs to see a hospital. Jake agrees that they all need a hospital, and the three walk away laughing. The episode ends with Me-Mow surviving from the fall by flying away on the back of the blue bird.


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  • Both the title card and Me-Mow are created by Gunnar Gilmore, a young Adventure Time fan.
    • Pendleton Ward said that he wanted to include the fan-made character "because it's so cute and it was drawn by a tiny kid."[2]
  • This episode was seen on the Adventure Time: Jake vs. Me-Mow DVD.
  • In the original drawing, Me-Mow does not have a tail.
  • When Jake's hand was inside of his nose, he made it jump with respiration sounds like an astronaut walking on the moon.
  • This episode is resolved by a deus ex machina. Specifically, a bird tries to grab one of the sausages from Jake's ears, knocking Me-Mow out of his nose.
  • Wildberry Princess is called "Princess Wildberry" on the note that stated that she will be assassinated.
  • When Finn mistakes Jake's note for "Cat Noise," Jake really meant to write, "Cat → Nose."
  • This episode was not aired on Cartoon Network Australia due to the concept of assassins and assassination being a major part of the plot.
    • It was also not aired in India, Portugal, Southeast Asia And it was shown in the Arab world, However, this episode is no longer shown since the channel’s policy changed from the previous one, and the deletion increased a lot, It has not broadcasted since 2015.
  • This is the first appearance of Wildberry Kingdom.

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Production notes[]

  • This episode was originally named "An Assassin in Jake's Nose."[3]


  • When Wildberry Princess' guards run in to her room and discover she is alive one of them has a feminine voice and the other has a masculine voice. In following scenes, the guard who had the masculine voice now has the feminine voice.
  • The chainsaw that was next to the dead animals on the floor is not seen again in later scenes.
  • Before Wildberry Princess carries the pies to the table where Finn and Jake were sitting, there was no knife stuck in the other table.
  • The sausages that came out of Jake's ears when the bird hits him disappear; the bird could not have eaten them in such a short period of time.
  • When Wildberry Princess puts the pies on the table, the bite mark on one of them partially disappears, the pies move between scenes and after Jake is done eating the pies, the pans disappear from the table.
  • The last pie Jake was going to eat (which is the one Me-Mow was hiding in) disappears from the table when Finn says "Let's continue this briefing outside," then it reappears and it moves before Jake starts to eat it. It continues to move throughout the episode and when Finn and Wildberry Princess get back inside only two empty pans are seen. Also, when Jake uses the last pie to write the message in the table the pie was intact even though he ate part of it and later the message disappears too.
  • When Finn first encounters Me-Mow (after she flies out of Jake's nose), she is climbing up Finn's body holding a tiny dagger (it disappears and reappears throughout the climbing shot). However, she is sitting on a tree branch shortly after, and coughs up the dagger.
  • Me-Mow injects half of the poison in the syringe in Jake, but it is still full in later scenes.
  • Me-Mow only discovered that Jake is a magic dog at the end of the episode, but Jake displayed his Stretchy Powers earlier when he stuck his tiny hand into his nose and tried to steal the antidote.
    • A possible explanation is that Me-Mow simply didn't notice the size difference between his hand when in his nose and when it was out, since she didn't actually witness him change his hands size.
  • Me-Mow seems small enough to fit in Jake's nose at first, but then she seems almost as big as Finn's hand.
  • When Jake is standing behind Finn and Wildberry Princess on the cliff edge, the sausages in his ears are gone. They reappear in the next scene, however.
  • During the credits Al Yankovic is credited for voicing Banana Man despite that character not appearing in this episode.



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