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"Jake the Starchild" is the tenth episode in the tenth season of Adventure Time. It's the two hundred and seventy-sixth episode overall.[2]


In order to fulfill his grand destiny, Jake is spirited away by a strangely familiar shape-shifting alien.[1]


The episode begins where "The First Investigation" leaves off. Finn is in front of their parents' old office talking to Kim Kil Whan on the phone, while Jake is in the alley, observing the site of his birth. The Shape-Shifter then appears, touches Jake, turning him blue, coughs and calls him "son," much to his confusion. He said they had to leave right now, but Jake ask that Finn can come with them, but the alien thinks its a bad idea because their home world's atmosphere is poisonous to his kind so Jake better writes the "BRB" note, when he finished, they left through the portal.

While passing through the portal between worlds, the alien introduces himself, revealing his name, Warren Ampersand, and that he is Jake's bio-dad. Upon arrival, Warren welcome to the home planet Nerraw and tells Jake that he came to Ooo, in order to pass on his stretchy DNA and reveals he is dying, as he used the last of his strength to bring Jake to his home. The other aliens are shocked to see Jake, treating him like a celebrity. Warren then shows Jake a museum he made in his honor. On the walls were pictured of many events in Jake's life, with Warren in the background, revealing that he has been watching him from afar. Jake does not remember one picture he sees, Warren then tells him that the last picture is a prophecy, in which Jake will battle a monster known as Ixcano.

Warren then shows Jake a bedroom he made for him. He then gives Jake and belt that says "Galaxy Saviour," while he wears a belt that says "Proud Pop."

In order to prepare for the battle and collect a weapon, Warren tells Jake to stretch himself throughout a door's pipe to unlock it. However, Jake just barely unlocks it and becomes weak from stretching too much. Afterward, Jake felt old and wrinkly, like he was dying. He then peaks in the next room only to see that Warren appears young and healthy. Jake questions his father the next morning, but Ixcano comes before he can explain himself. Warren tells his son that he must stretchy through the weapon, as he did with the door, to defeat Ixcano. After supposedly defeating him, Warren reveals to Jake that Ixcano and all the other inhabitants of the planet, are not real, and was just him stretching, and that he only made Jake do all those tasks so he can take his stretchy powers, as his "Proud Pop" belt enables him to do so. Warren reveals that he has done this hundreds of times with many previous offspring, but does say that he feels guilty this time, as he sees Jake as cooler than his other kids. Despite what Warren told his son, Jake was crying as he couldn't defeat Ixcano. The two then hug, and Warren stretches into a variety of people Jake knows, such as Finn, Lady Rainicorn, and Joshua. After stretching too much, Warren grows old and weak. Jake then reveals that when they hugged Jake switched around the "Proud Pop" and "Galaxy Saviour" belts, giving Jake the ability to take back his powers. Jake then tells Warren, that the belt also applies to him, and stretches a picture of his five children. Surprised that he has five grandchildren, Warren attempts to leave again, taking their powers instead. Warren then leaves in a rocket, hoping to take the powers from his grandkids. Jake wanting to protect his kids, grabs Warren's rocket and throws it towards a black hole, in which he likely died in. The end leaves Jake stranded on a planet, as he has no way of leaving, and has little food to live on.


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  • This is the fourth episode whose title begins with "Jake the," the first being "Jake the Dog," the second being "Jake the Dad," and the third being "Jake The Brick."
  • The snail is pictured in this episode and is mentioned by Jake.
  • Despite observing Jake from afar for the majority of his life, Warren apparently had no idea that he was the grandfather to five Rainicorn-dog hybrids.

Episode connections

  • A picture of Jake as a brick from "Jake the Brick" is seen in the Jakeseum.
  • Jake constantly stretches himself to near death throughout the episode. Despite this, he will continue to stretch while his name is chanted three times, referencing "The Limit."
  • A statue of Jake standing on top of the bacon pancakes with the inscription "Originator of 'Bacon Pancake'," referencing the song from "Burning Low."
  • Jake once again references "key hand" as he did in "Prisoners of Love" and "Dungeon."
  • Key hand is also referenced in the Fionna and Cake episode "Fionna and Cake and Fionna."
  • Jake appearing old and wrinkly was foreshadowed in the dream in "Orb."

Cultural references

  • The music in the title card sounds slightly similar to the startup sound from Windows 98.
  • This episode has a similar story to Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2. Both the film and this episode, has the main characters alien father comes to take them to a planet created from their own body. It is then revealed that the character is one of a long line of children to be killed as a part of the alien fathers selfish plan until being killed by the current son.
  • The episode is also similar to the concept of the 2009 video game for the PS3, Noby Noby Boy, in which the player controls a four legged creature named Boy with the loose goal of stretching to accumulate stretch points to send to a giant version of Boy named Girl, who is stretching through space.
  • Warren Ampersand's Jakeseum is similar to Leela's parents' collection of Leela related memorabilia featured in the episode Leela's Homeworld of Futurama. Her parents had accumulated those items over the course of her life, akin to the Jakeseum having items that Warren collected. Jake's voice actor, John DiMaggio, voiced Bender in Futurama, who starred along with Leela.

Storyline analysis

  • The events of Jake leaving Finn may have been foreshadowed in Finn's dream in "Hoots." While the dream also did foreshadow the events of "The Comet", Clock Bear was present in the dream and he played no part in "The Comet." However Jake saying "goodbye" (in reverse) and the appearance of Clock Bear fits in well with these events.

Production notes

  • This episode was released early on the Cartoon Network app on March 9, 2018.[3]
  • This is the second episode that aired during the MarchBomb.


  • Finn speaking to Kim Kil Whan on the phone and Jake meeting Warren Ampersand is seen again from "The First Investigation." However, the dialogue is different then what was seen in "The First Investigation," though this was clearly happening at that same time.
    • In "The First Investigation" Finn talks to Kim Kil Whan on the phone saying "it was just Clock Bear" but in this episode "we solved the mystery at the haunted office, it was Clock Bar the whole time."
    • In "The First Investigation" when Jake's in the alley and encounters Warren Ampersand he starts out saying "that memory was true, I did see my own birth" and says when he sees Warren says he's "a leftover time ghost" and Warren says "we have to leave." However in this episode Jake says "I popped out of my dad's head for some reason" and when he notices Warren says he's "appearing out of thin air" and Warren says "let's go son" before saying "we have to leave."
  • When Warren says, "I'm Finn," Jake can be seen to be wearing the "Galaxy Saviour" belt (if you look closely), but he should have had the "Proud Pop" belt on at that time.


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