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"Jake the Dad" is the sixth episode in the fifth season of Adventure Time. It's the one hundred and tenth episode overall.


Jake moves in with Lady Rainicorn after she gives birth to their five offsprings, but finds difficulties in figuring out how to be a dad.


BMO and Finn are walking to Lady Rainicorn's barn after receiving word of the newly born pups. They walk in, and Jake introduces them to all five of the pups, Charlie, Jake Jr., T.V., Viola, and Kim Kil Whan. After the pups play with Finn and BMO for a while, Jake tells the pair that he cannot really spend time with them anymore as he now has to take care of his children. Finn acknowledges Jake's new responsibility and leaves with BMO, who pulls his sock and asks Finn if he wants to play video games and runs back at the last second to play with the pups for a short amount of time.

That night, Jake cannot sleep due the fear that something will happen to the pups. Eventually, he gets up and goes to make Lady Rainicorn and the pups french toast with the help of his mother's holo-message, but soon becomes distracted when he notices that the pups are not moving. Frantically, he asks the holo-message what it means when the pups are not moving, to which it replies that they are dead. Jake freaks out and wakes them up. After doing so, Jake says, "Mom's manual knows best!"

The next day, Jake then reads his children the story of the Baby Eating Fox and the Babies. When he realizes that it is a violent book about a fox eating babies, he throws the book outside and decides to take them for a walk. Then, a scene is shown where foxes outside Lady's house plan to eat the pups after one of them finds the book. As Jake and the puppies walk, Jake shoots down every attempt that they make to have fun for fear that they will get hurt. However, Jake falls asleep due to exhaustion and a lack of sleep, allowing the puppies run off.

When Jake awakes, he sees the puppies having fun and he quickly tries to get them under control, but eventually he falls back asleep. Lady Rainicorn then calls the puppies in an attempt to ease some of Jake's stress. When they get to the barn, the foxes come out and, after a short discussion, they decide Jake is a baby and conclude they want to eat him.

Seeing this, the puppies go to help Jake, who is too tired to fight back. Although Jake advises against it, the puppies decide to help anyway. When Jake Jr. tells him that the holo-message is a piece of junk, Jake has a flashback of when he and his mother confronted a cobra that had jumped out of a policeman's boom box. He recalls that he himself said that the holo-message was a piece of junk and used his stretchy powers to smack the cobra away. Together, the puppies and Jake form Super Pup and utilize their enhanced Rainicorn powers to scare the foxes away.

After this, Jake returns to the Tree Fort and declares that he will stay with Finn and BMO. He then comments that the Rainicorns age fast and that Kim Kil Whan already has a beard, much to Finn's amazement. The episode then closes with Jake saying he had left all of his stuff at the Tree Fort anyway.


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  • This is the first appearance of Jake and Lady Rainicorn's newborn kids: Charlie, T.V., Viola, Kim Kil Whan, and Jake Jr.
  • The words on Finn's shirt read "BEST UNKLE" written upside-down and in reverse.
  • In Mom's manual, Finn is shown in Margaret's shopping cart when speaking about breakfast.
  • At the end, the pups say "수학! [suhag!]" which means "Mathematical!"
  • This is the first Adventure Time episode to premiere in 2013.
  • When Jake was presenting the pups to Finn and BMO, the name banners have unique objects on either side: Charlie's banner has two pink flowers, T.V.'s banner has two yellow ducks facing each other, Viola's banner has roses on top and bottom, a viola on the left side and a fiddle on the right side, Kim Kil Whan's banner has a hotdog on the banner, and Jake Jr.'s banner has a treasure chest, with gold littering near it and has a skull and a sword on either side of the chest.
  • This is the second episode that has the title starting with "Jake the." The first being "Jake the Dog," the third being "Jake The Brick" and the fourth being "Jake the Starchild."
  • All the puppies are shown to have the ability to teleport despite neither Jake nor Lady Rainicorn having displayed this power. It is possible that they inherited this power from their paternal grandparent, Warren Ampersand.
  • It's revealed that Raincorn offspring age quickly, which is shown when the pups get bigger after only two days.

Episode connections[]

  • The beginning of the long preview was taken from the ending of "Lady & Peebles," when Lady said that she was pregnant.
  • Jake was shown to be wearing Joshua's hat. Joshua was seen wearing this hat in "Memories of Boom Boom Mountain," "Crystals Have Power," "Dad's Dungeon," and "King Worm."
  • The pups are shown to have the ability to morph others into their bodies. Lady Rainicorn was shown to possess this power in "The Creeps."
  • The reusable grocery bag that Jake carries the holo-message player in says "Breakfast Kingdom" which was shown in "Hitman." It also says "Public Library" under that.

Cultural references[]

  • When Finn and BMO leave Jake's house, Finn says "No prob, Bob." which is Scoop's catchphrase from Bob the Builder.
  • Jake blows on the manual's cartridge. A similar technique was often used to boot video game cartridges when they would not load initially.
  • Jake's phrase "Mom's Manual Knows Best" could be a nod to 1940's sitcom Father Knows Best.
  • The puppies' formation to save Jake from the foxes is a reference to robot combining transformations as seen in Japanese animated shows or live-action shows such as the GoLion (Voltron) and Super Sentai (Power Rangers) franchise.
  • Baby Eating Fox and the Babies closely resembles a little golden book.
  • Finn's backwards shirt writing is a reference to the character I.R. Baboon from the 1990's cartoon I Am Weasel. Which was shown on Cartoon Network along with it's sister series Cow and Chicken.
  • The sword Jake holds while sleeping is similar to certain swords used on stage by the band GWAR.
    See the resemblance

    See the resemblance?

Production notes[]

  • This episode was originally set to release on December 10, 2012. However, due to a last minute programming change, because of Cartoon Network's Christmas Marathon, it was moved to January 7, 2013. However, this is the first Adventure Time episode to air in 2013.


  • When seen close up, the holo-cartridge shows a photo. When the view pulls back, the logo is replaced by a hole the color of Jake's skin.
  • There were some cups around Jake when he was watching the kids with binoculars, when he looked at the clock the cups disappeared, when he is yawning all the cups except one reappear.
  • Both times Jake tells his pups the story about the snake and learning about safety, Viola's horn cannot be seen.
    • It is possible that the animators didn't want to obscure Jake's face.
  • After reading page 3 of "Baby Eating Fox and the Babies," Jake turns the page from left to right instead of vice versa.
  • When Jake stretches to look out the window the plastic bag, the holo-message player, and the hat TV just threw on the floor disappear. When Jake takes the book away from them only the holo-message player reappears and the duck on the couch is gone too.
  • When TV hits the hat with the duck the pillow on the couch is missing.
  • When Jake asks the manual if the book is appropriate for babies the bow on the hat has moved.



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