"Jake Suit" is the twenty-seventh episode in the fifth season of Adventure Time. It is the one hundred and thirty-first episode overall.


Jake is sick and tired of Finn using his body as armor, so he convinces Finn to trade places to show him how much it really stinks to be in his place.[1]


The episode starts with Finn wearing Jake as the "Jakesuit," smashing around the Tree Fort and letting BMO attack him as hard as it can, not realizing that he is causing Jake pain. Finn then jumps off the roof and lands crotch first on a fence, causing Jake to spit out Finn. BMO comes outside and hits Jake one last time before the screen goes black and the scene goes to Finn playing BMO on the couch. Jake has a red lower body as he limps onto the couch to lie down. As Jake recovers, he chastises Finn while Finn tells him pain is easy to take. Jake challenges this by shrinking down, hopping into Finn's body and taking control of it to wear him like a suit until he admits that pain is not fun. Unfortunately, Jake is not as "graceful" as Finn and cannot control his body well enough to physically hurt him. Instead, he gets Dream Journal of a Boring Man, Vol. 12 to make Finn read it, hoping to torture him with boredom; however, the plan backfires as Jake falls asleep reading the book while Finn becomes enthralled with it. After Jake wakes up they get hungry and Finn offers a truce so Jake can make them lunch. Finn recommends that Jake use this as an opportunity to cause Finn pain. Jake makes a delicious meatloaf, Finn's favorite food. Jake eats it all himself to get Finn to admit he is wrong, but Finn is completely undeterred.

Finn's special occasion phone suddenly rings and Finn notices that Flame Princess is calling. Finn says that he is not going to answer because Jake might embarrass him, which gives Jake the idea to do so. Jake forces Finn to waddle over to Flame Princess's house, where she meets them outside. She says that she was worried because Finn didn't answer the phone, and that she has invited the "less evil" members of her family to meet Finn over dinner. Jake then forces Finn to take off his clothes, stick the dining cloth in his underwear while Jake sings Puncha yo Buns in a high-pitched voice. Flame Princess and her family are aghast at this until Flame Princess sees that Jake is controlling Finn and learns of the bet. She wishes Finn the best of luck with the bet and they leave.

They go to Lady Rainicorn's house, where Lady is seen washing dishes when she sees Finn. They go inside and she asks where Jake is. Jake then stretches out his head and says that he is in Finn's body, as T.V. passes by and says hi to them while heading to his computer. When Jake tells Lady of the bet and asks for advice on how to win it, T.V. advises he jump into a volcano. Jake takes the advice, goes to a volcano and, by "fortuitous circumstance," meets some fire wolves, whom Jake uses kibble to bait into attacking Finn. However, they just eat the kibble and lick Finn's face, and their heat does not bother Finn at all. Jake takes Finn to the volcano and starts to lower him into the lava; however, once it becomes clears that Finn is not afraid of getting his skull burned in lava, Jake says to himself that Finn is crazy and pulls him out of the volcano, leaves his body and admits defeat. Finn rejoices and jumps into Jake to form Jakesuit again, and jumps into the volcano just for fun.

In the Candy Kingdom's hospital, Finn and Jake are recovering in full body casts when the Clown Nurses show up, much to Finn's horror and Jake's delight.


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  • This episode's title is similar to one of the scrapped episodes, "Jakesuit," which also involved Finn wearing Jake as a suit.
  • It's revealed that T.V. still lives with his mom, and that he can speak English as of this episode.
  • When Jake is singing the Puncha yo Buns song, he sings the first line incorrectly, singing "I'm a tough tootin' baby" rather than "I'm a buff buff baby." The line Jake sings does not come into the song until later.
  • This episode shows that Finn has an almost non-existent gag reflex, given that he can take having an immobile object in his throat for a long period of time without coughing, gagging, or vomiting.
  • In this episode, Finn is noticed to somehow have a slight occasional Sadomasochist behavior, someone who enjoys pain and loves inflicting pain, also Finn doesn't enjoy losing especially to a bet or to Jake.

* At the start of the episode, after finn kicks and destroy a part of the treehouse ice can be seen hiding for a brief second.

Cultural references

  • The name of the Icelandic musician Björk is used as an exclamation in this episode three times: once by Finn, once by Flame Princess and once by Jake.
  • While Finn swings around the Tree House in the Jake Suit, music plays similar to the music played in the Spider-Man movies while Spider-Man swings around on a web.
  • The book Jake makes Finn read to torture him could be a reference to The Diary of a Nobody, similar in title and premise.
  • When the Clown Nurses arrive, one of them sings the "Entry of the Gladiators" by Julius Fucik, a motif generally used in association with the circus.

Episode connections

  • Finn once again wears Jake as a suit in the episode "The Silent King." Finn comments on this, saying "Man, I haven't worn the Jake Suit in a while!"
  • This is the first time Jake shows he knows Puncha yo Buns; previously it was only seen within Finn's mind as in "Memory of a Memory" and "Goliad." However, it is unknown how he knew this.
  • The Clown Nurses from "Another Way" appears at the end of the episode to help Finn and Jake recover from their burns. Finn's horror and Jake's delight with the nurses also appear.
  • Jake brings up his romantic ranking system from "Burning Low" again when he is about to send Finn into the volcano saying, "The Universe is going to have a full-on make-out session with you, bro. I'm talkin' minimum tier 8."
  • As revealed in "Puhoy," rainicorn children age quickly, all of Jake and Lady's children have moved out into their own places except T.V.
  • The special occasion phone is the third phone that Finn used. The others were in "Go With Me" and "Reign of Gunthers."
  • The Squirrel from "Up a Tree" makes a cameo.
  • Finn also displays his well-hidden masochistic behavior once again in this episode, just like in "Five Short Graybles" where he admits to liking the pain.
  • This was Lady Rainicorn's first appearance since "Jake the Dad."
  • Finn last wore the Jake Suit in "Reboot" as an attempt to stop Susan Strong.


  • At the start when Finn got BMO to try and beat-up the Jakesuit, outside the window you could see it was grey and stormy, in the next scene, when Finn jumped out of the window, it was sunny and clear.
    Screenshot 2017-02-19-14-44-02 kindlephoto-352189302
  • After Finn breaks his feet loose of Jake's arm, while being lowered into the volcano, he is shown with them bound again. 
  • When you see Jake in Finn's mouth, Finn's teeth and tongue do not move while he is talking.
  • In "The Silent King," the Jakesuit has a tail; however, in this episode, the Jakesuit does not.

Production notes

Storyline analysis

  • Due to the fact that Flame Princess gets angry with Finn for embarrassing her without doing any more than yell, she has probably gained control over her anger. She had a much larger reaction in "Incendium" when she caught people whispering.
  • Flame Princess also made a point of inviting "less evil" members of her family, backing up her statement in "Vault of Bones" that she prefers good to evil.
  • Finn is shown having an extremely high pain tolerance, especially to fire. When Finn and Jake arrive near the volcano, the Fire Wolves lap and claw at Finn, and he is unfazed by the pain. Moments later, Jake dips Finn's skullcap in molten lava. Afterwards, Finn celebrates his victory over Jake in their bet by climbing into Jake and, using the Jakesuit, voluntarily leaps into the mouth of the volcano, resulting in them both being badly burned. This may be due to his relationship with Flame Princess.



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