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"Jake-Less" was a preliminary outline for an unproduced episode of Adventure Time. The idea was presented to Cartoon Network to produce the animated show, though the episode was scrapped. This episode was originally going to be the first episode before "The Enchiridion!"[citation needed]


Jake flies too close to the sun, causing him to lose his magical powers.


Finn and Jake are competing against each other with feats of strength. Finn does back flips and wiggly dancing. Jake tries to impress Lady Rainicorn by flying straight up at supersonic speed, higher than he ever has before. Jake flies too close to the sun and bursts into flames. He plummets back to earth like a comet. He's lost the ability to transform.

Everyone starts treating Jake like a convalescent. Jake feels frustrated and helpless. Finn is constantly bringing him tonic water and saltine crackers. Lady frets by his side. Jake begins to chafe at all the attention and extra care he's being treated with. He snaps at his friends and sends them away. Alone and angry, he howls at the moon.

The Ice King finds out about Jake's condition and decides to strike. He summons a frost giant, Brauggi, to smash them both. Finn is undaunted by their opponent's size but Jake has lost all confidence. Without his powers, he's no good to anybody. Finn insists on keeping his buddy at his side. He ties Jake around his waist like an old sweater and they go to face the giant.

Brauggi is the size of a 3-story building and uses a fallen tree as a club. Finn bobs and weaves to avoid his attacks. With each swing, Brauggi's club is only a hair's breadth away from crushing them both. Watching Finn's heroic efforts, Jake is shaken from his torpor and leaps into action. Jake scales the giant like a mountain, jumping on his club and crawling up his hair. Jake crawls inside his ear and begins punching his icy brain. The giant reels towards the ground, shattering into shards of ice. Jake emerges from the pile of slush.

Jake realizes he's been acting like a butthead and begins the road to rehabilitation. Jake apologizes to Lady and, with much strain, turns his hand into a flower. Everything is awesome.[1]



  • Jake can fly in this episode, something he is either incapable of or chooses not to do in other episodes.

Episode connections[]

Cultural references[]

  • Jake flying too close to the sun is likely a reference to the mythological story of Icarus.