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Jake's phones are devices he uses to communicate with fellow denizens of Ooo. He has been shown to own three phones.


First Phone

The original phone is a walkie-talkie with a headset, powered by batteries taped to the back of the phone and connected to two wires. Presumably, it was made by Jake. There is also a number pad to dial phone numbers, as well as up and down arrows to scroll through his contact list. So far, it has only appeared in five episodes:

Second Phone

Jakes New Phone.png

Jake's video phone is black with a red line at the side. It resembles a modern flip phone. Along with Finn and Jake's radios and table phones, this one has never been used much, except in "Return to the Nightosphere" and "Daddy's Little Monster." It was acquired seemingly sometime before "Return to the Nightosphere." During the visit to the Nightosphere, he has his phone operated to film the whole ground to mark his journey with Finn. The phone has recorded three files before running out of battery:

  • The first one was in their house while introducing the video phone.
  • The second one was in the Nightosphere. Right after Hunson Abadeer gave Marceline his amulet to join the family business, she, along with Finn, played the Not Just Your Little Girl song. Unfortunately, Marceline wore the Nightosphere amulet when she finished the song with Finn, turning her into a monster similar to her dad's transformation. Jake and Finn were not strong enough to deal with her, so they passed out after a strong hit from a tentacle.
  • The last one was filmed during their way to the jail, checked by Finn when he told Jake there was another file. The Nightosphere Jailer, who spit bananas from his ears, was the reason why they both woke up on a bunch of bananas. Jake then threw the banana away before eating it.

Third Phone

His third phone seems to be also a flip phone, similar to Jake's video phone. This phone makes an appearance in "Pajama Wars," where Jake uses it to contact Finn to know about his 'walk' with Princess Bubblegum during the sleepover party.

The phone has a back and front camera feature, and has a mini-screen at the back. It can send and receive pictures and videos as shown where Finn sends selfies of himself with Princess Bubblegum, and when Jake sends selfies of himself.

List of contacts

Jake is known to have 28 contacts on his old phone:

1: Benton
2: Captain Majesty
3: Cloud People
4: David
5: Dennis
6: Doug
7: Finn
8: Gareth
9: George
10: Hot Dog Princess
11: Jennings
12: Jerry
13: Lady Rainicorn
14: Larry
15: Luke
16: Marceline
17: Mike A.
18: Mike H.
19: Mike R.
20: Mr. International
21: Mr. Outrageous
22: Pete the Punk
23: Peter
24: Princess Bubblegum
25: Reggie
26: Flying Lettuce Brothers
27: Tiffany
28: Todd