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Jake's Tough Break is an Adventure Time video game involving Magic Man. In the game, Jake has to get to Magic Man's hat at the end of each level by pulling his limbs off and reassembling them. The game has 20 levels. Like many other Adventure Time games, it is a side-scrolling video game. It has a gender-swapped sequel called Cake's Tough Break 2.


The Magic Man curses Jake with a hex that causes all his limbs (and head) to be removable. He must obtain the Magic Man's hat to pull himself together.


The controls are simple: Use the arrow keys to move and jump--with the left and right arrows controlling what direction you go and the up arrow key to jump. You can jump in a direction if you hold the upper arrow key and hold the left or right arrow key. To remove a body part, you must press "space." To get the body parts back, you need to click the lower arrow key. You must do this to get through certain obstacles, like going through small tunnels and even using the body parts to weigh down floors. Limbs and Jake's body can be placed inside the cannons, to let Jake actually get inside the cannon though his head only can be used. To activate the cannon, switches must be pressed of the same color as the cannon.


  • Back in One Piece: Beat all the levels.
  • Canine Cannon: Shoot all your limbs out of the cannon once.
  • Crazy Legs: Beat Level 9 with two legs.
  • Hatmaster General: Beat all the levels and score 25,000 points.
  • Lend a Hand: Beat 3 levels.
  • Speed Freak: Beat 7 levels in 16 seconds.


  • This game seems to be a reskinned version of Pursuit of Hat, an online game of the very same nature, levels, and goals, as seen here. Both characters are going after a hat, and using their detachable limbs to reach it. The same music is also being used. The creator of Pursuit of Hat has been informed of this by a fan, and has considered legal action.