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Jake's Favorite Cup is an object that appears in multiple episodes of the show.


It is a white cup with a flower made of thin lines. The top is smooth, the bottom is bumpy, and there is a handle on the side. 


  • Jake says "See this cup? This is literally my favorite cup" and then throws his cup out the window during a Knife Storm to teach Finn a lesson in the episode "Puhoy". 
    • However, he ignores this lesson and gets it back by using a fishing rod. 
  • Although the cup is never seen in the debris of the Tree Fort, it is assumed that it was in the tree fort during its destruction because the next time the cup is seen, it has many cracks.
  • There has only been a liquid seen in the cup once, and this was in "Abstract". A brown liquid was seen in it, but is unknown what it is specifically.
  • There have been three occasions where a liquid in the cup was implied, but not officially seen.
    • In "The Jiggler", jake dips a tea bag in the cup for a moment, but the tea isn't actually seen. However, it is most likely just the camera angle.
    • In "The Mountain", Jake says he is making hot cocoa, but again, the beverage isn't actually seen, but it is most likely just the camera angle.
    • In "King's Ransom, there is steam coming out of the cup, but nothing is seen in the cup, most likely because of the camera angle.

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