This article is a transcript of the Adventure Time episode "It Came from the Nightosphere" from season 2, which aired on October 11, 2010.

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[The episode begins in Marceline's cave just outside of Marceline's house. Finn is beat-boxing and Marceline is strumming her ax bass guitar.]
Marceline: Thanks for helping me record, Finn.
Finn: No problem, Marceline.
Marceline: Now, I'm gonna sing something really personal, so don't laugh at me.
Finn: I would never dream of it... m'lady. [Laughs]
[Scene shifts to the inside of Marceline's house.]
Marceline: Now, start a slow beat, and keep it steady, or it'll mess up everything.
Finn: You got it!
[Finn starts beat-boxing and Marceline begins singing the Fry Song. Eventually, Finn's beat-boxing slows down and he sighs.]
Marceline: Huh? Finn, you messed the beat up!
Finn: Marceline, if you're thinkin' about your dad so much, then... why don't you go see 'im?
Marceline: [Strums guitar] He's not worth the effort.
Finn: Not worth what effort?
Marceline: Well... first, I'd have to draw a circle with a happy face in the center and then... uh... douse it with bug milk.
Finn: [Finn finishes drawing the face] Oh, yeah?! [Goes to grab some bug milk, then returns to throw it on the face; the bug milk gets absorbed by the face.]
[Note: Marceline is not paying attention to Finn's actions.]
Marceline: [Sighs] And then you're supposed to chant something like [The happy face glows and the candles next to it light up], "Maloso vobiscum et cum spiritum." [Finn laughs and the face changes color.] But... I-I don't really wanna see him. I'm still mad about the thing with the fries. [Marceline notices a strange noise and finally looks at Finn.] Huh?!
Finn: Wwwwhhhat?! [The room changes color drastically; a portal to the Nightosphere opens where the face was.] Whoa... whoa!! Aaagh!!
[Marceline's father emerges.]
Lord of Evil: Marceline!
Marceline: Finn... what the heck did you do?!
Finn: I... reunited you with your family?
[Marceline grunts angrily and Finn backs away.]
Lord of Evil: Is this kid your evil servant?
Finn: I'm not evil, Marceline's dad. I'm super good!
Lord of Evil: "Super good?" [Roars]
Finn: [Gasps; Lord of Evil grabs Finn, and begins sucking energy from him.] What're you doing?!
Lord of Evil: Stealing your soul.
[He continues and Finn screams in fright.]
Marceline: Dad! [Separates the two] Ugh! You always do stuff like this!
Lord of Evil: Haha! Oh, Marceline! I never know what's gonna set you off! Whoa! Is this the family ax?
Marceline: Wha—? HEY!!!
Lord of Evil: Did you turn it into some kind of lute?
Marceline: [Yelling in anger] Give it back, and get out!!!
Lord of Evil: Okay, I'll go. I've got business to attend to, anyway—sucking up all the souls in Oooooo...
Finn: [Stammering] WHA—Gh—NO!!
Lord of Evil: See you kids later! [Opens door]
[Lord of Evil laughs maniacally as Finn screams, terrified. Marceline's father shuts the door.]
Marceline: My bass!
Finn: I've unleashed evil onto Ooo ! We've gotta stop 'im, Marceline!
Marceline: Fine... but I'm only coming with you to get my bass back.
[Scene shifts to Finn and Marceline flying above a forest.]
Finn: Hey! How do I kill this guy, anyway?
Marceline: Finn! You can't kill my dad!
Finn: Oh! I'm sorry! I didn't mean—
Marceline: No! You literally can't kill my dad! He's deathless!
Finn: Oh...
[Scene cuts to a field elsewhere; a bunch of Fluffy People are running around and laughing.]
Fluffy Person: [The Lord of Evil's shadow falls upon him and he stops running.] Huh? [Camera zooms out to show the Lord of Evil.] Who the fluff are you?
Lord of Evil: Um... Well, I'm sure not the guy who's gonna suck out your soul.
Fluffy Person: Good 'cause that's, like, my number one fear.
Lord of Evil: Really!? Well... I know a little exercise for that! Wanna try??
Fluffy Person: Wow...
Lord of Evil: First... close your eyes.
Fluffy Person: Okay! [Gets pounded by the ax bass.] AAH! You coulda killed me!
Lord of Evil: Ah, but I didn't! And now, aren't you thrilled just to be alive?
Fluffy Person: Yeah, I guess... So what?
Lord of Evil: So... This next part will be all the more... horrifying. [Laughs maniacally as his transformed face moves towards the screen, sucking the fluffy person's soul. Scene goes back to Finn and Marceline.]
Finn: There!! Below us! A gathering of Fluffy People! May-haps they've seen your father! Marceline... release the Finn-bomb! [Marceline drops him and he whistles to mimic a bomb falling; Marceline catches him before he reaches the ground and he makes an explosion noise. He notices the Fluffy People shivering.] They're all freaked out!
Marceline: It's because they're scared of him. [Camera pans over to the Fluffy Person from earlier. He is floating and moaning. Marceline examines him.] Hm. My dad's been here. Come on. Let's go.
Finn: No! We gotta help this guy. I've got some soul food that Jake packed for me. You like, uh, collard greens or country-fried steak?
[Finn tries to feed the Fluffy Person the food but he keeps moaning and doesn't eat it.]
Marceline: Look. You wanna help him? Help me get my bass back.
Finn: How will that help hi—?
Marceline: MY DAD STOLE MY BASS GUITAR, FINN!! And when I get it back... I'm gonna break it over his neck and slam my dad back into the Nightosphere!
[Fluffy Person bumps into Finn.]
Finn: Oh, clam! But first you gotta return the souls your dad sucked back to these sad, little husks. Right, Marceline?
Marceline: [Blows tuft of hair away from her face] Uh, sure, yeah, yeah, we'll do that.
[Scene cuts to the Marauder Village. The Marauders are sitting at a table talking.]
Head Marauder: So I popped his head like a cork! And I says, "That's what I think of Expanding Earth Theory!"
[They all laugh. A noise is heard and they stop laughing.]
Lord of Evil: Alright.
Marauders: Huh?!
Lord of Evil: I've got a joke, too. [It's revealed that he sucked Marauder #14's soul. The Lord of Evil pushes him off the chair.] What wears a dark suit, is completely evil, and is about to suck out all your souls?
Head Marauder: Yo mama!
Lord of Evil: [Beat] That's right! I'm your mama! [Sucks the marauders' souls]
[Scene cuts back to Finn and Marceline.]
Marceline: Red Rock Pass. If my dad wants to get through the mountains, he'll have to come through here.
Finn: We can work together! And smash 'im with this rock! And once he's smooshed, all the souls will go back to their rightful bods.
[Finn notices the Lord of Evil in the pass singing "Stompin' On Ants." The Lord of Evil then sucks the ants' souls. Finn tries to push the rock, but he notices that Marceline flew down to attack her father by herself instead. She hisses and charges, but misses her father who ducks.]
Lord of Evil: So, finally taking a run at your old man, huh?
[Marceline charges, but her father parries the attack and forces her to a wall. Marceline hisses.]
Marceline: [Losing patience] Daddy...
[Marceline jumps on her father's shoulders.]
Lord of Evil: [Chuckles] Karate kick!! [Kicks Marceline off his shoulders; she lands on the ground hissing.]
Finn: Marceline!! Keep 'im right there!! HrrrrRAAAAGH!!!
[Finn headbutts the rock to make it fall off the cliff and groans in pain. While fighting, Marceline and her father manage to evade the rock. Finn adopts a look of desperation. Marceline struggles to reclaim her bass.]
Lord of Evil: Karate chop!! [He chops her; she hisses.] You can't destroy me!
Marceline: [Hisses] [Calming down] No... D-dad... I-I don't wanna destroy you... [Angered] Look, just... stay out of my life!! [Floats away]
Lord of Evil: You're not even alive!
[Marceline rests next to Finn.]
Finn: You blew it, dude. We're supposed to be a team—a team whose sport is stop-your-dad-from-suckin'-souls... ball.
Marceline: [Sighs] I just want my dad to care about me.
[Finn frowns; scene shifts to the Ice Kingdom.]
Lord of Evil: Of all history's greatest monsters, you are by far the most evil thing I've encountered. Offer your soul to me, dark one.
Gunter: Wenk wenk.
Lord of Evil: NO! You can't have my soul! I don't even...! Look, just get in here.
[He tries to suck its soul, but it slaps him.]
Gunter: Wenk wenk.
Lord of Evil: [Kicks penguin away] Keep your crummy soul!
[Gunter flies through the air, crying, and is caught by the Ice King.]
Ice King: Gunter! Who told you you could fly?!
Gunter: [Pointing at Lord of Evil] Wenk.
[Lord of Evil sucks another penguin's soul.]
Ice King: Huh? No one sucks the life from my penguins except me! ...And maybe polar bears, because that's just nature, Gunter. [Flies over to Lord of Evil] You darest encroach upon my domain?! [Lord of Evil's face changes.] You've raised my frosty dander! And for that, I shall— [Lord of Evil shows Ice King his terrifying face.] AAAAAOOOOOHHH!! I've soiled my tunic... completely by choice! [Flies away]
[Lord of Evil sucks all of the penguins' souls and starts growing.]
Lord of Evil: YES!!
[Marceline and Finn are shown hurrying over.]
Finn: Aw, man! He's growing huge!
[Lord of Evil sucks some birds' souls; he begins sucking souls from all over Ooo.]
Finn: I'm gonna take 'im down!
Marceline: Finn, you're like an ant to him.
Finn: Oh, yeah? Well, this ant's about to get in his pants!
Marceline: [Deadpan, amused] What?
Finn: [Stammers, embarrassed] You know! [Picking up Sword of the Dead] Because I'm going to make him uncomfortable while I release those souls! RAAAAAAAAGH!!! [Climbs up Lord of Evil's body] Give up those souls, Marceline's dad! In the name of justice!!
Lord of Evil: Huh? [Not noticing Finn] Oh, Marceline. Still following me?
Marceline: I'll stop following you if you give me back my guitar!
Lord of Evil: [Flicks Finn off with ease] No, Marceline.
Finn: [Flying upwards] NO ONE FLICKS ME IN THE BUTT WITHOUT MY CONSENT!!! [Descends and stabs the Lord of Evil in the head. Lord of Evil smiles at Finn and reveals his second, monster-like head. He falls while screaming and grabs hold of a tentacle. Lord of Evil tries to shake Finn off but he won't let go. Finn is grunting and screaming all the while.] Whoooaa!! [Lord of Evil stops shaking.] The souls... Lumpy Space Princess! He got your soul, too?!
Lumpy Space Princess: What? Nah. I totally saw Hot Dog Princess get sucked in here, and I wasn't invited?! I was all, "What the lump?" so I'm crashin' this party!
Finn: Well, I'll save you... I'LL SAVE ALL OF YOU!!
[Lord of Evil tries to knock Finn off with his appendage; Finn evades and struggles until he cuts off the appendage, making himself and the Ax bass fall; Marceline rushes over and catches the bass, letting Finn hit the ground.]
Marceline: IN YOUR FACE, DAD!
Lord of Evil: Give back that ax, Marceline! You don't respect it enough!
Marceline: Well... you don't respect anything! Dad!! DAD!! I'm outta here!
Finn: BUT—!!
Lord of Evil: Fine!! Go!! I'm too busy sucking to deal with you!
Finn: NO, WAIT! Marceline!! Keep talking to 'im! When he's talking, he can't steal souls!!
Marceline: I said I'm outta here!
Finn: [To himself and digging around in his backpack] Diversion... need... diversion. [He gasps, pulls out the Walkman and plays the song he and Marceline recorded earlier. Both Marceline and her father stop dead in their tracks. Marceline blushes and her father turns around.]
Lumpy Space Princess: Oh, my Glob, you guys! Drama bomb!
Lord of Evil: Marceline, do you really feel this way?
Marceline: Dad, I...
[Finn sneaks closer to the Lord of Evil.]
Lord of Evil: Marceline... of course I love you.
Marceline: Dad...
Lord of Evil: I'm sorry I ate your fries. I didn't mean to hurt you.
Marceline: It's okay, Dad. It's... it's really okay.
Lord of Evil: No, it's not okay. They weren't even very good. They were really cold. I love you, Marceline. Don't you ever doubt that.
Marceline: I love you, too, Dad.
Lord of Evil: [Tearing up] Oh, Marceline, I am so—
Finn: [Flying through the air] YALALALALALALALALALALALALA!!!!!
[Finn stabs the Lord of Evil's soul sack with two swords making him scream in pain; the souls are released. Finn drops down and repeats the summoning process.]
Finn: MALOSO VOBISCUM ET CUM SPIRITUM!! [Lord of Evil is transported back to the Nightosphere.] [Low, growling voice] I'll see you in the Nightosphere, ya sick freak. [Marceline gasps] YES!!!!
Marceline: Finn!! How could you do that?!
Finn: How could I... save the day?
Marceline: How could you embarrass me like that and then stab my dad?!
Finn: How could I embarrass-save you?? [Marceline attempts to ax Finn.] WHOA! Marceline!
Marceline: [Sighs] I'm glad he's back in the Nightosphere. That was emotionally exhausting.
Finn: I'm also exhausted emotionally. Or... wait. I mean, I mean physically.
[Finn falls down on the ground, exhausted. Marceline joins him. The souls are floating around the sky and Marceline chuckles at them.]
Marceline: I've been meaning to ask you... What's with that pocket on your shirt?
Finn: Oh, Jake's in here. 'Sup, Jake?
[Jake rolls over, farts and the episode ends.]
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