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The following information is from the Adventure Time comic book series. It may not be part of the same canon or continuity as the animated series.

Adventure Time #75 is the seventy-fifth and final issue of the Adventure Time comic book.


At the wedding of Jake's granddaughter, Jake, Finn, and the residents of Ooo reminisce on the long path that took them here, remembering friends, enemies, and those who fall somewhere in between.[1]


We open on the "wood kids" asking BMO for one more story about Finn and Jake, and they reluctantly agree. The story begins with a pup named Casey skateboarding into the kingdom and being captured by Potpourri Queen, who sends an angry message to Princess Bubblegum about how she takes the intruder as a declaration of war. Jake explains that Casey is an old friend of his, and goes to save him. Casey talks with the prison guard, IBB, who looks to be the same species as the queen, in the Potpourri Kingdom prison. Finn, Jake, and PB crash into the kingdom, but quickly decide to take on a more diplomatic approach. Casey and IBB continue talking, and somewhat flirting, as tensions rise between PB and Potpourri Princess in another room. IBB and Casey exit the dungeon and enter the room where everybody else is. It is then that IBB is revealed to be Potpourri Princess' daughter, and the princess of the Potpourri kingdom. She uses her diplomatic powers to free Casey from the dungeon in exchange for a date with him.

We cut back to BMO and the wood kids. BMO now says that was the end of the story, but the wood kids demand to know what happened next with Casey and IBB, so they continue the story. Casey and IBB go house hunting, but IBB manages to find a problem with every house they check out. IBB eventually settles on the cave of doom to be their house, and although Casey absolutely hates it, he doesn't say anything. He goes to Finn and Jake for advice, and they tell him that relationships are about compromise. Casey initially disregards the advice, but after IBB tells him to stay out of a mysterious room, Casey lets out all of his feelings. But she calms him down by showing him what was behind the mysterious door; a surprise skateboarding track.

We go back to the wood kids, who assume this is the ending of the story, and get mad at how boring of an ending it is. But BMO reveals there is a third part to the story, revolved around a wedding. We now see an assortment of characters setting up the wedding some time in the near future. Finn and Jake start to think they were given the easiest jobs at the wedding so they wouldn't mess anything up, and Jake gets mad and walks away. Jake opens up about how he feels like he hasn't grown enough, while still getting older and older. They real talk about how you shouldn't base your self-worth on how other people see you. They then go back to the wedding, where Casey and IBB tell them that their job (making the wedding sign) was the most important part, because they wanted context for any photos. They then go on with the ceremony; IBB and Casey exchange their vows and get married. The two of them say "What time is it?", and all of the wedding guests jump into the air and shout "Adventure Time!"

We cut back to BMO and the children. The children talk about the other stories they want to hear (all of which have been done in previous issues), and BMO reassures them that the adventure never ends, and that he will tell them another story tomorrow. We now see PB and Marceline, who were listening to the story the whole time. Marceline talks about how she didn't like how the story ended, and how she doesn't like stories in general. PB says that she thinks there will always be the memories, so they are never truly over. Marceline then carries herself and PB away to another adventure.



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