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Adventure Time Issue 7 is an issue of the Adventure Time comic book. It features part three of a five-part arc featuring Princess Bubblegum's time machine.


JOIN JAKE THE DOG AND FINN THE HUMAN AS THE HOTTEST ALL-AGES COMIC BOOK ON THE STANDS CONTINUES! The totally mathematical adventure continues in this latest time-bending issue of ADVENTURE TIME!


Jake attempts to fix the time machine but is unable to do so. In the morning, Jake wakes up Finn and tells him that the time machine needs to be fixed. Jake then shows Finn a party that Jake has started. Jake has promised that the partygoers can do anything they want and Jake promised that he will make a do-over using the time machine. Jake then showed Finn the time machine. Jake says that he tried to repair but all it can do now is emit smoke. The duo then brings it to Neptr and ask him to repair the machine. Neptr was able to repair the machine while retaining the smoke emitting properties. Finn and Jake then presses the time machine and is teleported inside a box. They break out of the box and discovers that both of them has muscular bodies.

They then rush inside the tree fort to show BMO their bodies only to discover that the tree fort is trashed and BMO missing. They rush toward the Candy Kingdom to meet up with Princess Bubblegum. During the journey, they discovered that the surrounded has changed and is littered with robotic parts. As they are talking, they are suddenly bombarded with laser beams and spots a robot. Finn and Jake subdues the robot and they notice that the robot resembles Finn. They continue running towards the Candy Kingdom, which is being guarded by the Royal Gumball Guardians armed with rifles.

The duo eventually reaches Princess Bubblegum and are surprised to see looking like a cyborg. Bubblegum then said that she is actually wearing her Robotic Welding Mask and she also prefers to be called as Queen Bubblegum. Due to Finn and Jake's lack of knowledge of recent events, QB realizes that the time machine that Finn and Jake used actually teleported their consciousness to their present bodies while erasing the memories that occurred between those two time periods and it has been 15 years in the future. 

According to QB, after Finn and Jake pressed the button on the time machine, it didn't work so they went to PB and asked her to fix it. PB became angry because they tried to repair it but she couldn't stay mad at them for long. The next day, BMO showed them the robotic Finn and Jake that BMO has been building for months. Finn and Jake used the clone to do all the chores while they go out to adventure. One day, the clones got wet with rain and became evil. Finn, Jake, and PB battles the robot and forced it to retreat to the woods. The clone was able to create more clones who are already evil. The citizens of Ooo battled the clones, but couldn't exterminate it because the clone just keeps on creating more clone every day. QB has been able to replicate the weapons used by the clones and attached it to Finn's arm. Meanwhile, Jake has been able to shapeshift into more powerful forms. The battle has currently in a stalemate. Since the clones started attacking, BMO has never been seen.

Finn then suggested that they just create a time machine to change the timeline, but QB said that they have attempted it multiple times to no avail. She says that the time machine was powered by magic that only existed a couple of days since the time machine was created. QB then says that Finn and Jake can be stuck in the future forever. QB then claims that the robots haven't attacked for days. However, an army of robots are then shown marching towards the Candy Kingdom.

Backup stories

Time Waits For No One

"Time Waits For No One" is a comic by Shannon Wheeler. It also features in "Sugary Shorts" Volume 1.[1]

BMO is in PB's lab and tells her that he wants a time machine. PB then explains that time travel can be dangerous because it could lead to a person seeing everything at one. But it could also cause large changes in the future and it could make the future unrecognizable. She then says that it could lead to alternate timeline which would result in a loop and everything in that timeline would be in a loop. As PB is saying this, BMO then says that he wants a time machine and PB explains that time travel could be dangerous.

Lumpy Space Drama

"Lumpy Space Drama" is a one page comic by Zac Gorman which also appears in "Sugary Shorts" Volume 1.[1]

LSP is sleeping in her bed when her parents goes to her room and offer waffles. LSP then tells her parents to leave her alone and let her die. Later on, LSP spot Brad with another girl and LSP threatens that should will jump off of a cliff if Brad doesn't break up with girl. Later on, LSP ends her friendship with Melissa just because they are wearing the same sweater. During school time, LSP flips out and shouts that school is extremely boring. During night, LSP says that she wants out of the family and wished she was never born. Eventually, she is shown talking on the phone and saying that her day has been very boring.


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