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The following information is from the Adventure Time comic book series. It may not be part of the same canon or continuity as the animated series.

Adventure Time #64 is the sixty-fourth issue of the Adventure Time comic book.


The Best Princess Ever is finally going to be chosen! Who will it be? And will the prankster finally reveal themselves before they ruin the whole event?[1]


The audience is riled up as the next round of the Best Princess Ever competition is starting soon. They recall that Muscle Princess] and Turtle Princess were eliminated, and Breakfast Princess and Flame Princess formed an alliance. Elsewhere, Marceline, BMO, and Tree Trunks are sitting in a room. BMO thinks they need to be more judgmental, while Tree Trunks and Marceline agree that the competition is exhausting. Marceline looks at her phone, wondering why Finn and Jake haven't updated her about their investigation, yet. A worker tells them they need to be at the stage. At the stage, Marceline sends some texts to Finn and Jake asking about the possible saboteur, and Peppermint Butler sings to begin the round.

Princess Bubblegum starts the event, a bubblegum-blowing contest called The Biggest Bubble, which Breakfast Princess seems to be winning at. Marceline remarks that some of the challenges are quite random. She then receives a text from Finn saying that things got weird, but he are Jake are still on the case. It turns out that the two were fighting a Waffle Beast that they ran into while following the goo. Wondering where the goo went, they are approached by a guy who tells them where it's headed. They thank him and continue on, wondering how the competition is going. Back at the stage, the Biggest Bubble challenge has ended. Bubblegum announces that the next event is the Talent Show, an anticipated event, and the princesses get themselves ready. Wildberry Princess gets frustrated because of the gum she got covered in, and Flame Princess teases her about the competition getting tough. Breakfast Princess asks what Wildberry Princess' talent is, and she replies that she'll play her electric piano. Breakfast Princess then asks Lumpy Space Princess what her talent is. LSP rebuffs her, saying it's a surprise.

Bubblegum begins the talent show. First up is Flame Princess, who forges metals into a statue she calls the Dance of a Thousand Flames. Next is Hot Dog Princess, who leads a marching band of hot dogs. Meanwhile, Finn and Jake find not just the goo they were following, but many globs of it all going in the same direction. As they give chase, Finn wonders who is controlling the goo. Back at the competition, Breakfast Princess performs a traditional breakfast song with her sisters Toast Princess and Strudel Princess. Wildberry Princess goes next, but just as she starts to play her keyboard stops working. With her act ruined, she runs offstage. As unfortunate as it is, Bubblegum decides that they must continue. Breakfast Princess thinks someone messed with Wildberry Princess' keyboard. Flame Princess seemingly accuses LSP, who defends that she didn't do it. LSP is the last to do her act, which is a dance routine to her mixtape. With the talent round over, the judges start to deliberate. Marceline says she doesn't like the shady happenings going on. Bubblegum says she doesn't like it either, but without proof, they just have to vote. As the judges try to reach a decision, Marceline hopes that Finn and Jake find something soon.

At that moment, Finn and Jake have followed the goo to the Ice Kingdom, which they didn't think is too surprising. Finn calls Ice King out, but they see something that shocks them. Finn sends texts to Marceline about what the Ice King did. At the competition, BMO says that because Wildberry Princess didn't sing her song, she is eliminated. With only four contestants left, Peps tells the audience that the conclusion to Best Princess Ever is tomorrow. Marceline doesn't see the texts due to losing her phone, giving Finn and Jake no way to contact her. An unseen third person asks what they'll do.




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