The following information is from the Adventure Time comic book series. It may not be part of the same canon or continuity as the animated series.

Adventure Time #63 is the sixty-third issue of the Adventure Time comic book.


The Princess competition continues with everyone trying to do their best despite the prankster trying to ruin their fun.[1]


Continuing the Best Princess Ever competition, Peppermint Butler recaps the events of the previous issue, in which Muscle Princess was eliminated from the competition. He sings his song, and the remaining princesses stand on stage in fancy dresses. Princess Bubblegum tells the audience that the contestants have gone through a number of challenges. One was tangoing with sea lizards, which Lumpy Space Princess did in an odd manner. Another was fencing with sea wizards, which Flame Princess did well at. However, Wildberry Princess didn't do well because she slipped on some goo. Finn and Jake noticed that something was off and went to investigate. Peps announces the next event to be a battle of brains.

The princesses go to the green room. Turtle Princess consoles Wildberry Princess by telling her that she isn't out yet. Breakfast Princess says the competition isn't over and that she will win, irritating LSP. On stage, Finn and Jake are investigating, and Finn talks about how the competition comes down to personality. Jake calls him obsessed with pageants, but Finn defends that Best Princess Ever is just really cool. Jake asks Finn if he sees anything weird, and Finn states they have to hurry so they don't miss the trivia segment, apparently strengthening Jake's thoughts about him. They then see the goo that caused Wildberry Princess to slip. Finn asks if it's sea wizard residue, but Jake says that it smells different. He pokes it on Finn's suggestion, and it starts moving away. The two follow suit. As the competition is about to start again, BMO and Marceline express displeasure because they find it not so interesting. BMO thinks they can be more brutal in the trivia segment and plans to throw a little sword if the contestants answer a question wrong, but Marceline tells them to take it easy.

Bubblegum starts the next event, Trivia Mania, in an outdoor stadium. She explains the challenge to the princesses: there are trolls running around, each with a question or answer, and they have to catch the ones that go together. The challenge begins and the trolls enter. The princesses chase after them, but have trouble catching them. Breakfast Princess and Flame Princess team up to subdue the right trolls and complete the challenge. Wildberry Princess also completes it. Turtle Princess catches a troll, but it suddenly turns into a candy person, much to her confusement. LSP, who has also completed the challenge, insults her for making a mistake. Flame Princess and Breakfast Princess say that working together is not against the rules (like how not being a princess isn't, as Breakfast Princess adds). Turtle Princess is still confused about what happened, but the supposed candy person turns out to be the goo that tripped Wildberry Princess.

On the stage again, Bubblegum announces that the judges have evaluated the princesses and have decided who must leave. In a forest, Finn and Jake have lost track of the goo they were chasing. Finn is upset about missing the trivia contest, but Jake tells him to chill out. They suddenly hear a growling sound coming from somewhere. Back at the stage, Marceline gives the verdict that Turtle Princess is out of the competition. Turtle Princess takes the loss easily and leaves. Peps once again sings the song to close out. Flame Princess and Breakfast Princess form an alliance to make it to the top two, but LSP sees this and aims to win herself.



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