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A contest is started to see who is the best Princess in all of Ooo![1]


On a stage watched by an audience, Peppermint Butler begins the event of The Best Princess Ever acting as the emcee. He sings a song for it, which Finn and Jake in the audience like. Peps then introduces the host, Princess Bubblegum, who is excited to be the host. Jake asks why Bubblegum isn't competing, and Lady Rainicorn tells him why. Bubblegum says the winner will receive a Betamax 3000 Tiara Buffer, a year's supply of buttons, and a unique belt buckle. The contestants then reveal themselves: Flame Princess, Turtle Princess, Hot Dog Princess, Breakfast Princess, Muscle Princess, Wildberry Princess, and Lumpy Space Princess. Upon seeing LSP, the other princesses say she isn't supposed to be there, but LSP says they can't do anything about it. Bubblegum herds them all backstage to get ready and keep them calm. Finn and Jake note the drama, and Peps starts singing again.

The princesses say that LSP isn't a real princess and ask about the rules. Bubblegum checks the rule book, but doesn't find anything saying a contestant has to be princess, guessing the one who wrote the book forgot to add the rule. Marceline is surprised by this. Bubblegum tells her that judges aren't allowed backstage, so Marceline leaves. Bubblegum tells the princesses that, like it or not, LSP may compete, and that they shouldn't worry about it. Elsewhere, Finn, Jake, and Lady are walking by the merchandise tents. Finn says that Flame Princess is organized and ruthless, which will help her in the competition. He and Jake think that Marceline and BMO are lucky to be picked as judges, as they were too busy adventuring to be chosen themselves. The first event is announced to be starting soon.

Bubblegum tells the princesses that the challenges will test their grace, creativity, bravery, and wisdom. These factors help determine who gets eliminated after each challenge. For the first challenge, the contestants have to make their way through the forest of trees and reach the other side before the first star appears. Flame Princess doesn't think that's so hard, but Bubblegum tells them the catch, which is to balance a weeble on the tips of their crowns. In addition, they'll be chased by an angry horde of people who hate princess competitions and love stealing weebles. Bubblegum tells them that they will be watched by herself and the judges (Marceline, BMO, and Tree Trunks) and the challenge begins. Wildberry Princess and Turtle Princess flee from the horde. Flame Princess threatens to burn the mob, which Tree Trunks thinks isn't princess-like. Breakfast Princess wins over the horde with pancakes, while Hot Dog Princess barks at them. Muscle Princess finds a sign supposedly pointing to the finish line and goes that way. LSP tells herself she can do it. Later, Bubblegum is waiting at the finish line. Flame Princess makes it first, followed by Breakfast Princess and LSP. Nighttime soon comes and most of the princesses have reached the finish line. Muscle Princess is the last to arrive because she got lost. Bubblegum calls time and the judges have to deliberate. The hoarders also congratulate themselves for doing their job.

Back at the stage, Bubblegum introduces the panel of judges who will give their evaluations. They say the princesses all did well, but that Muscle Princess didn't complete the challenge before the first star, elimination her from the competition. She takes the loss in stride, but Breakfast Princess thinks the loser should have been LSP, who claims she will win. Jake feels bad for Muscle Princess, but Finn thinks that she was just a filler princess designed to go home early. Jake thinks that statement was harsh, and Finn apologizes for being caught up in pageantry. Marceline secretly calls the two over and tells them that someone could be sabotaging the competition. She can't look into it because she's a judge and says they should, which they agree to do. Peps ends the day with the same song from the beginning, and LSP claims that she will be the Best Princess Ever.



  • Similar to the episode Princess Day, Lumpy Space Princess isn't recognized as an actual princess.


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