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Adventure Time #58 is the fifty-eighth issue of the Adventure Time comic book.


Finn decides to become a dungeon master like his father figure Joshua was![1]


In a dungeon somewhere, an adventurer faces a beast to claim its treasure. The beast, a cockatrice, turns him to stone, like many others who came before. Suddenly, the cockatrice is covered with a box and thinks it's time for bed. Finn is the one with the box, and Jake and Jermaine were watching. As they head on, Finn tells Jermaine that a cockatrice has the same powers as a medusa. Jermaine corrects him, saying that it could have been a basilisk and that he means "gorgon" instead of "medusa." Finn thinks Jermaine should listen to him since he beat the dungeon before, and Jermaine retorts that he knows a lot about monsters and demons due to caring for the ones Joshua faced. Finn and Jake say they just want to keep him safe, which Jermaine appreciates. He asks what's next in the dungeon Joshua made for them, and Finn basically says that there isn't anything left. Jermaine expresses displeasure, and Finn says they just wanted him to feel a connection with their dad. Jermaine says the dungeon was built for Finn specifically and that he feels nothing. Finn says that the dungeon makes him wonder about what Joshua was thinking when he built it. Jermaine thinks he may have used a guide and starts leaving. Jake tries to stop him, saying he might want to live in the dungeon since his house burned down. Jermaine says it's Joshua's vacation property and leaves. Finn tells Jake that they can't force a relationship with Jermaine, but Jake really wants one.

Finn guesses that Joshua was worried about him and made the dungeon to toughen him up (which he didn't need), but he wishes he knew him better. Jake suggests that he build his own dungeon to understand more and possibly connect. Liking this idea, the two decide to do it. The next day, they start looking for a good cave to set up in. Not finding any in their current location, they search other places in Ooo (including Princess Bubblegum's room), only to end up back where they started by nightfall with no luck. They see the moon synching up with the hole in a rock, which releases a beam of light that opens up the ground. They fall in and think the place would be perfect for their dungeon, as it has proximity to natural magical energy, one of their criteria. Jake then realizes that someone else is present in the darkness. They prepare to fight, but it turns out to be Peppermint Butler, who asks why they're there. Finn says they're looking for a place to build a dungeon, and Jake says they fell down a hole. Peps nervously says that happens. Finn asks what Peps is doing, guessing that it's a ceremony or some king of magic. Peps tries to deny it, even though behind him is an altar with a fire shaped like Finn's head. When Finn notices it, Peps hastily covers the altar and says Finn saved them from unattended fire. Everything packed up, Peps tells them that there is natural magic flowing through the area and to enjoy it in their dungeon endeavors. As he leaves, Jake questions how he got there before them. Now with a cave to use, Finn and Jake put some of their treasure from the tree fort in it. After setting the place up, they go to bed.

The next morning during breakfast, BMO assumes Finn and Jake are developing real estate, but Finn tells them that they're actually building a dungeon. BMO disapproves, believing that only bad guys make dungeons. Finn says it's fun, then he and Jake leave to work on their dungeon some more. When they get there, however, they find that the treasure has been taken. Finn is greatly bothered, but Jake is just happy for the experience. Finn doesn't want the dungeon to be void of treasure, which would make it just a cave, so they hire guards. Unfortunately, the guards have stolen the treasure by the next day (although, they did leave an apology note). Finn and Jake then gather monsters to protect the treasure, as they wouldn't care about stealing it. However, the next day, the duo finds that someone defeated the monsters and took the treasure yet again. Jake comments that they did that all the time and asks what they should do next. Finn thinks traps are next, but ponders what comes after that. He concludes that they need magic to keep anyone from leaving with the treasure alive.

Later, the two go to Wizard City in disguise in hopes of finding something there. They look through the items at Ron James's Spell Palace, attracting the owner's attention. Finn tells him that he's trying to strengthen his dungeon with magic. Ron James asks why he can't use his own spells, and Finn lies that they aren't strong enough. Ron James says he doesn't have any useful items and suggests that they visit the Dungeon Masters Guild. Finn and Jake find the guild and hear one of the members talking about teleportation portals in his dungeon. Finn tells them that he's new to dungeon-making and that adventurers keep taking his treasure, so he wants to use some powerful magic. The guild asks him where the dungeon is, and he tells them the location, which makes them concerned. They tell him that the cave has plenty of old, dangerous magic and that he should make his dungeon in a safer place. Elsewhere, Peps has set the altar up again. He says that the old, dangerous magic is of the race with the unpronounceable name. The fire shows him a vision in which something will happen and Finn will be lost. He wants to find a way to prevent it, but Bubblegum says it has to happen. Finn has to touch the magic through his dungeon, and hopefully Ooo won't be lost with him.



  • This comic references the episode Jermaine, in which Joshua's house was burned down.
    • Finn guesses that the dungeon was meant to toughen him up, similar to the one in Dad's Dungeon.
  • While in Ron James's Spell Palace, Jake looks at an item that resembles Catbug from Bravest Warriors, another of Pendleton Ward's works.


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