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The following information is from the Adventure Time comic book series. It may not be part of the same canon or continuity as the animated series.

Adventure Time #57 is the fifty-seventh issue of the Adventure Time comic book.


Finn and Jake make it to the core of BMOWORLD and confront the real culprit behind this mess![1]


The comic recaps the story so far: Finn and Jake learned that BMO created numerous fantasy worlds where everyone could live how BMO thought they would like best. Neptr was convinced by some mysterious ooze to place it into BMO under the promise of becoming a hero like Finn. Now Finn and Jake have to remove that ooze.

Neptr, now a muscular superhero called Ultra Neptr, does battle with Doctor Lemongrab, now a supervillain. Lemongrab is confused by what's happening, but gets punched into the distance regardless. Candy people shower Neptr with praise, but one questions the situation, including why Neptr looks like a microwave with junk glued to it. Finn takes offense to that and says he put a lot of science into it, but Jake tells him otherwise. Neptr sees Finn and Jake as his hero team and presents them with costumes so they can fight evil. Finn tells him that this world is fake and they have to take the ooze out of BMO. Neptr assumes it's a new mission for them, but Jake yells at him to remember. Neptr comes to the conclusion that Finn and Jake are actually enemies taking their form and must be destroyed. Finn thinks Neptr is still deep in the fantasy. Jake agrees, adding that it's probably cooler than baking and throwing pies. Neptr then grabs them and flies up, preparing to throw them into the sun. Finn tries to tell him that everything is fake, then points out giant BMO and tells him they made the fake world. Neptr pauses and says he knows.

Finn gets upset that Neptr knew and was still pretending to be a hero. Neptr says he just wanted them to be heroes together. Finn tells him that BMO can't handle the evil magic and needs help. Neptr says he didn't realize BMO was suffering, apologizes, and sets them down behind BMO. Finn says they don't know what will happen after removing the ooze batteries, and Neptr says he'll find a safe hole to hide in. Jake thanks Neptr for flying them there, saying it was a big help, which fills the robot with glee. Finn tries to pull open the battery dock to get to the ooze, but can't. Jake says it opened a little and asks him to do it again. Finn does so, and Jake shrinks down to go inside. He sees the ooze, who greets him by his name. It introduces itself as Ng'zot Aa of the race with the unpronounceable name. Hearing that makes Jake remember Arklothac and he comments that it isn't a nice thing to know. Finn asks if Jake is doing okay, and Jake says he isn't, frantically pounding to be let out. Ng'zot Aa thinks Jake can help him, explaining that he wants to use his infinite energy to create. Jake panickedly says that he understands, as he plays the fiddle. Ng'zot Aa says he could rewrite the universe with the right tools and thought BMO's imagination would be perfect, but BMO is resisting out of concern for the people. Finn is struggling to open the dock. Jake advises Ng'zot Aa to leave BMO, but Ng'zot Aa chooses to merge with him instead.

Now controlling Jake, Ng'zot Aa exits the dock, relishing at being able to take any shape he wants. BMO returns to normal, causing BMOWORLD to fade out of existence. They are tired due to running on emergency power and remember being a deity. Elsewhere, Ng'zot Aa continues to enjoy Jake's shapeshifting powers. Finn is glad BMO is okay, but worries about Jake. BMO puts new batteries in and is back at full power. Finn is ready to go save Jake, but BMO asks who wants to play video games. Finn says that now isn't the time, but suddenly remembers what Ng'zot Aa said earlier, getting an idea. He tells BMO to show him their video game library and asks if BMO can export the games to another device, to which they say they can. Finn then tells them to call Princess Bubblegum and Marceline. Ng'zot Aa scares some candy people running from him, and Neptr calls them to the hole he found. They thank him, making him feel like a hero again. Ng'zot Aa suddenly stops. He questions why, and Jake answers that he's tired from stretching so much. Ng'zot Aa decides to get in BMO again, but Finn arrives saying he will stop him with his wish staff. He says that the staff can make anything he wants. Liking how that sounds, Ng'zot Aa merges with it. However, he stops moving after doing so. Bubblegum and Marceline then appear, as their royal scepter and computer skills, respectively, were used to capture the living ooze.

Inside the game of Mike Paint, Ng'zot Aa is happy that he can paint whatever he chooses. After making a duck wearing shoes, Mike tells him that time is up and to insert a battery to continue. Ng'zot Aa spits out a battery into the real world, the staff now in the tree fort. Finn explains to everyone that he figured Ng'zot Aa would be happy playing Mike Paint forever and not mess up the universe. Plus, BMO still has a battery supply. Finn then says that he will hang out with Neptr, to the latter's joy. Neptr brings out a game he calls Card Negotiations and Bureaucracy (different from Card Wars). Finn weakly cheers.



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