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The following information is from the Adventure Time comic book series. It may not be part of the same canon or continuity as the animated series.

Adventure Time #52 is the fifty-second issue of the Adventure Time comic book. This issue does not feature any backup stories.


In the ghost realm, Jake is met with some pretty familiar challenges to overcome.[1]


Jake is wandering through a desert in the underworld. He wonders how long he's been walking and consults Finn sword. The sword doesn't respond, however. Jake figures he could turn into a sundial, then remembers that he gave up his powers. A random ghost with an oasis says Jake could use the sword to make a sundial, but that it wouldn't help. He says that "you're wherever you think you should be, here," which explains the oasis. He asks Jake why he came to the land of the dead. Jake tells him that he's going to Ghost-A-Rica to stop the Governor and save Finn. The ghost believes he'll get to town when the time is right, and Jake asks what time it currently is. The ghost says it's lunch time and takes a scary appearance. He says that he can't get to the overworld like the Governor's other servants, so he just stays put. He tries to eat Jake's youth, but Jake hurts him with Finn sword. The ghost tells some birds to inform the Governor of Jake and the sword. Jake throws the sword at the birds, but it doesn't even get close. The ghost tells Jake that he should give up. Jake says he's done with him, but suddenly ends up at the entrance to Ghost-A-Rica.

Meanwhile, old Finn is sitting quietly near the guardian, the gate still locked down. He asks the guardian if he tried enjoying entertainment. Back at Ghost-A-Rica, Jake understands he got there so fast because he was done with the desert. He tries to use this magic to instantly grab the elixir and return to the gate, but it doesn't work. He decides to disguise himself as a ghost, but remembers he can't shapeshift now. Instead, he makes a disguise out of an old curtain and goes into town. Two young ghosts make fun of him and call him old, saying that youth is valued over all things thanks to the Governor. They admit that youth is a weird concept to ghosts, but then notice Jake's "freshbreath." Jake beats them up and takes their hat and glasses, strengthening his disguise. He goes to a saloon for a drink, but everyone just pretends to drink something.

At the Governor's lair, the Governor asks a servant why he's hesitating to release the youth he collected into the elixir. The servant says that he feels terrible when the shackle isn't full and that he wants to collect more youth. The Governor asks why he would want to seek youth if not for the shackles, and the servant answers that it's the law. The Governor says that there's nothing cooler than breaking the law, which is what the magic in the shackles makes them do. The servant says he doesn't want to give the youth now, and the Governor warns him that he would be exiled from Ghost-A-Rica and would have to wander the overworld unseen by the living. The servant says that then he would be able to see movies, concerts, plays, and private moments for free. The Governor tells him that after the planet dies, he will be left to haunt the nothingness of space, while parties in Ghost-A-Rica go on. Nervous, the servant dumps the youth into the pot. On his way out, he asks the Governor why he wants to be alive again if he'll just die again. The Governor tells him "one problem at a time." The birds arrive and tell the Governor about Jake and Finn sword. Wanting to add them to the elixir, he sends his guard to find them.

Back at the saloon, Jake asks the bartender how he can reach the Governor (lying about giving him a mix tape). The bartender suggests he take someone's collected youth and bring it the Governor. Three goons ghosts behind him threaten another ghost to "share" his collected youth with them, and it's released when the shackle drops. Jake swipes the youth, but the ghost who dropped it (the same one who asked for his help before) wants it back. The goons think he's hiding it and punch him. Seeing that the magic of the underworld isn't taking him to the Governor, Jake helps the ghost by fighting the goons. At that moment, the guards come in looking for the dog, whose disguise is now removed. Everyone moves to drain his youth, but the helpful ghost leads him to a secret tunnel. After exchanging thanks for saving each other, the ghost leads Jake through the tunnels.

As they make their way, Jake mentions that a small army of ghosts is going to Ooo and back and asks how they get past the guardian. The ghost says that the other ghosts go to hundreds of other places besides Ooo through other paths. Jake asks if he couldn't find another hero in one of those places, to which the ghost doesn't answer. Jake then comments on the spookiness of the tunnels, and the ghost says that in this world, you only get to where you want to be when the time is right, and they appear in a fancy room in the Governor's home. Jake asks where he needs to go from there, but is suddenly approached by the Governess.



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