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The following information is from the Adventure Time comic book series. It may not be part of the same canon or continuity as the animated series.

Issue #50 is the fiftieth issue of the Adventure Time comics.


Anniversary issue! This special oversized one-shot issue introduces new series artist Ian McGinty (Welcome to Showside, Bravest Warriors)! Finn takes a tour of his past lives when he astral projects through an old photo album. Features special incentive covers by the originalAdventure Time art team, Shelli Paroline & Braden Lamb, and Jeffrey Brown (Darth Vader and Son)![1]


The comic begins in the past with a younger Billy fighting the Lich. Billy remarks that the Lich isn't fighting back. The Lich replies that he doesn't have to, as he is endless and Billy can't fight him forever, so Billy decides to take a break. The Lich says that everything but himself will die. Billy agrees, then goes back to fighting. The Lich says that he will return if his body is destroyed, and Billy destroys him with a mighty punch, splattering his essence on a nearby tree. Years pass, and the Lich's essence has transformed the tree into something evil.

One day, Finn and Jake find the same tree and go inside to see if they need to kill it. The tree starts saying Finn's name, surprising him. Then it opens a pathway leading further down, so the pair continue on. After reaching the bottom, the tree presents a photo album with a picture of baby Finn on the cover. Finn decides to look inside the book because it would be weird not to. They see that it contains pictures of many fun times they had. Jake thinks the tree was taking pictures of them for some time. Finn disagrees because some pictures are from when he was a baby living with Joshua and Margaret. He then sees a picture of him from before his adopted family came along, when he fell in his own boom boom. He wonders if the next page will show him his unknown past. He turns the page, but it and the other pages turn out to be blank, which upsets him. He continues to flip the pages, not noticing a fading Jake call to him. As the world erodes around him, Finn sees pictures of his past incarnations: the other-dimension doo doo, the comet, Davey, the butterfly, and Shoko. Shoko, hiding in a school-like dungeon, ends up shouting her name, which two guards hear. Her turtle friend tells her to be quiet since they're escaping from the Assistant Principal Gang. In the real world, Jake realizes that Finn is trapped inside the book.

Shoko and the turtle hide in a locker, noting that the Assistant Principals are mad they stole the Boots of Disciplinary Stare. With the coast clear, Shoko asks how they can escape. The turtle doesn't know, as there are guards at every door. The two then find that Ice King (with a little bit of Simon remaining) is being held captive by a pair of Lunch Ladies. The Lunch Ladies tell Ice King that they have a slushie-style Super Porp maker, but no electricity to power it. Instead, they plan to use his ice magic as a power source. They siphon his magic through the chair he's strapped to, making the machine work, but also hurting him. Shoko thinks they should free him, as he could distract the Lunch Ladies and the Assistant Principals, giving a chance to escape. The turtle says that Ice King is evil and that it would be more heroic to leave him. Shoko starts to say that she doesn't care about being heroic, then realizes she doesn't actually have a turtle friend and questions who he is. The turtle simply vanishes in a puff of smoke. Briefly surprised, Shoko goes and frees the Ice King, who freezes the Lunch Ladies solid. He then freezes the rest of the place, and Shoko escapes unnoticed.

The comic suddenly transitions to a space institute, where Davey is called into the office of his boss Greg . Greg says that Davey is the best man in the department and wants him to replace an unwell pilot for the mission to the ruins on the moon. Davey says he can't do it because he doesn't care for drama. Greg says that he needs Davey to get on the ship, which leaves in ten minutes. Davey repeats that he can't do it and apologizes for letting his boss down. As he leaves, Greg angrily turns into a smoky monster, which Davey doesn't think just happened. Back at his computer, Davey sees through a camera that a penguin (Gunter/Orgalorg) is sneaking onto the rocket. He shouts that he has to do something, then calls security. As a guard takes the penguin away, Davey comments that he would have missed it if he chose to go on the mission. The scene suddenly changes to the butterfly in a meadow. Meanwhile, Jake and BMO are attacking the book in the tree fort, trying to get Finn out.

The butterfly enjoys flying around and thinks things are going well. Without warning, the smoky monster bursts from the ground, telling the butterfly to be the hero. The butterfly has no interest, so the monster reminds him that he is actually Finn. Finn remembers who he is and that he has been jumping around his past incarnations, and also that the monster has been bothering him the whole time. He asks if the monster is the Lich, who is usually more relaxed. The monster says it was once a tree that died, but still goes on. It is now a memory of the Lich, a memory that knows it and Finn must battle until his death. Finn declines, as he is a butterfly and would rather fly around.

The monster changes the setting, and Finn is now the comet heading straight for the planet. The monster tells him that he will annihilate life if he hits, but he can divert his path like a hero would. Finn asks where the monster is. The monster replies that it is the cold dark of space, also entropy and chaos, and that Finn is the force that must fight it. Finn doesn't think so, as he is a comet. Astonished, the monster reminds him he'll destroy so much. Finn says that he's in a virtual reality of his past incarnations' memories, and he is only a hero in his current incarnation. He recounts that his past selves all did something that worked out okay (except for the doo doo). If he rejected the past based on his future opinions, he could have negatively altered time and remain trapped in the book. With a greater perspective on life, he heads for the planet, against the monster's efforts.

Finn then comes out of the book and reappears in Princess Bubblegum's lab, where she, Jake, and BMO are, as well. Everyone is glad that Finn is okay, and Jake says they thought they lost him forever. Bubblegum puts the book in a special container, saying she worries about Finn enough. Finn thinks it was actually nice. Years later, in the abandoned Candy Castle, Penelope comes out of the book and assures Betty that she's alright. With new perspective, they travel to distant lands.



  • Another version of Billy's Song is on the first page, written with different lyrics.
  • Davey was an alternate identity for Finn in the TV series, but is shown to be one of his past incarnations in this comic. Finn even seems to be aware of it.
  • The ruins on the moon shown at Davey's workplace is the space dungeon first seen in Issue 36.



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