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The following information is from the Adventure Time comic book series. It may not be part of the same canon or continuity as the animated series.

Issue #49 is the forty-ninth issue of the Adventure Time comics. It features the additional story "Flowers for Paulticore (Part 2)," written by Dale Beran and illustrated by David Hellman.


Finn and Jake's old friend has to make a sacrifice to defeat a monstrous threat.[1]


Finn, Jake, and Gata have just witnessed the cause of the memory problems: Joshua used a magic goo to erase Gata from existence. Breaking the statue also broke the spell, and it was as if she was always there. This is also the case for the Thought Demons, which come out of her mouth. Gata is very disturbed by this revelation and asks what they should do. Finn thinks they should just keep fighting the demons, but Gata is more concerned about the demonic being who nearly came through and could return at any time. She thinks Joshua did the right thing, but Jake says he just had to make a quick decision. Finn decides that they should go through the portal and defeat the demonic being.

The portal in Gata's mouth only opens when she is asleep, so Finn and Jake will stay awake until she passes out. Then they will jump in and throw a jar of the magic goo at the demonic being. Gata is scared, but wishes them luck. She tries to fall asleep, but it's hard for her to do knowing they'll jump in her mouth. After a while, Gata is finally asleep. Finn and Jake remark that the portal is weird, but bravely jump in. They arrive in the horrific dimension, and Finn says it smells awful. He doesn't know how to find the demonic being, but Jake says she'll probably find them like she found Joshua. He turns out to be right, as she then smells dog. Finn and Jake climb a mountain to search for the enemy. Back at the house, two deer enter the room where Gata is sleeping. One of them knocks over a bookshelf, waking her up. Unfortunately, the portal closes, which Finn notices. What's more, a horde of Thought Demons is coming up behind them. Suddenly, an elderly woman appears and punches one of the monsters away. She leads Finn and Jake into a cave, as the demons don't like the echos. Finn thanks the woman, who asks why the two came to this place. Finn tells her they came to meet (backtracking from "destroy") the leader of the land and asks if she knows where she is.

The woman says it would be dangerous and that the leader was once a nice ruler in Ooo. She was a great magician queen who was tempted by otherworldly forces, the magic of the mumble mumble. She saw that magic as a solution to her kingdom's problems, but grew isolated from her people, who whispered secrets about her. Not liking that, the queen created the Thought Demons to reveal those secrets, but they grew out of control. The other rulers of Ooo sealed her and the monsters away to their current location. However, she created a child (Gata) before being exiled, one who would be the gateway back to Ooo. But due to the land's vastness, she has yet to find the portal and stays trapped. Jake wonders if they really needed to hear that backstory, and Finn tells him to be nice since she probably doesn't get to meet people often. Meanwhile, Gata is trying to get back to sleep so Finn and Jake won't be stuck in that other world. She decides to forgo it and forcibly opens the portal. The portal appears near them in the cave, and the woman laughs evilly, revealing herself to be the demonic queen. Finn struggles to open the jar of goo, but the evil queen gets through before he can.

Returning to Ooo, the demonic queen exclaims that she will raze the city and begin a new reign. Finn and Jake also return, which relieves Gata. She asks what the queen is, and Jake tells her it's her mother. Finn leaps out the hole in the wall and throws the goo onto the queen, but it does nothing. She grabs Finn and tells him that her skill of magic beyond Ooo makes her invulnerable to just about anything from Ooo. Recognizing him as a hero, she thinks to kill him to tell the rest of Ooo of her return. To stop her, Gata reopens the portal, and Jake grows giant and shoves the queen through. The queen states that she'll return at any time now that she knows where Gata is. Gata closes the portal and worries that they may have made things worse. The queen then emerges partway through Gata's mouth. Gata closes the portal again, but isn't able to keep it closed permanently. Finn thinks they should get Princess Bubblegum's help. Jake reminds him that she couldn't even handle the Thought Demons, and that all the rulers banishing the queen in the past weren't enough to keep her out either. Seemingly out of options, Gata tears up and hugs the others. She thanks Finn for trying to help her and runs off.

Finn realizes she's headed for the underground caves. He and Jake rush after her, begging her not to do what she's about to do. Just as they reach the door to the caves, they forget what they were doing. They enter and find Gata as a statue once more, recognizing her as the statue Joshua wanted them to protect. Finn says that he thought they broke the statue and that he doesn't like thinking about it for some reason. Jake thinks the goo on the walls does something, but Finn says to forget it since the statue is safe. They then see alternate versions of themselves in the goo. One of the versions is of them with Gata, which they think would be really great. With the statue and the alternate versions behind them, they head home.

Back-up story[]

Flowers for Paulticore (Part 2)[]

by Dale Beran and David Hellman. (Part One is featured in Issue 48. Both parts also appear in "Sugary Shorts" Volume 4). In the Nameless Mountains, Paul flies Finn and Jake to the spot where all Paulticores are born. He tells them that a magical flower grows in this place. When someone plucks it, they are transported to where they most ought to be at that moment. He says that his time is done and he will go to the underworld after picking the flower. He tells Finn and Jake to use it to find the Paulticore they need or possibly return home. Bidding farewell, Paul plucks a flower and disappears.Jake plucks another one and also disappears. Finn mourns Paul's sacrifice, then he plucks a flower himself. He ends up in the Parliament of Berries, where a Paulticore is giving remarks. The Paulticore says that they should offer what they have to those they care about, like how he gave all he could to help Finn and Jake, making it even sweeter. Princess Bubblegum thanks Finn for bringing a Paul-faced Paulticore, one with the wisdom of sacrifice etched in his face. Jake asks why Finn took so long to arrive, as he and Paul arrived about an hour earlier. Finn is surprised that the Paulticore is the same Paul from before, and Jake says he just had to find his Paul face. The judge unanimously declares that the berries will surrender their sweetest juices to Bubblegum so she can make the tea that restores youth to Paulticores and fuels her tea-sippng ceremonies and formal dances. He bangs the gavel and is ready to party.


Flowers for Paulticore (Part 2)[]




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